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So my mother spent this year DESPERATE to see the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade before it goes away again (August 20th), but our usual sort of Disney trip (five to seven days at a Residence Inn, with one or two guaranteed Break Days where we don't do anything, just sit in the nice air conditioned pet-friendly hotel with our feet up, eating sandwiches, because I like Disneyland but not direct sunlight and Mom is in her 70s) was... not in this year's budget. The trip we just got back from (two nights at the Motel 6, one and a half days in the park and 16 hours in the car with a cat) wasn't exactly in the budget, either, but like I said, Mom was desperate. The parade was part of our Disneyland experience through basically my entire childhood, and we were there for the original farewell season back in 1996.

So we went on a financially ill-advised little vacation that did not leave us relaxed and well-rested but exhausted and laden with photos.

And naturally, I took dolls. It's a stupid little thing that makes me happy, and I'm definitely going to have to make some easier carrying cases for future trips, because my choices so far have been gallon-sized storage baggie (worked well for Twyla, acceptably for Abbey and Heath, not so great for Mouscedes's hair) and an old My Scene Barbie wardrobe case (worked for Neight and Elissabat, barely fit Hexiciah alongside Robecca, easy to search!), but this time I wanted something sturdy AND close to the right size, and opening a cardboard box slows down the bag search line. Annoying.

Who did I take and what ridiculous dialogue story am I telling with them?

"Recently-reconciled sister selfie!"

"At least we're both not-looking at the camera in the same wrong direction."

"... Gigi, are you hover-handing me?"

"I wasn't, but your belt's been in the sun and you could brand cattle with it."

"Thanks for loaning it to me."

"No problem, it makes that skirt."

"You wanna do Splash Mountain?"

"... um."

"I thought you were into that thrillseeker guy? It's just a ride."

"That's a lot of screaming, though."

"Oh, hey! Wave to the normies!"

"... okay, why?"

"I don't know. Tradition, apparently?"

(These photos were taken in a tiny little area between the Harbor Galley Restaurant (right across from the Haunted Mansion, where the Colombia docks when she's out of service) and the official start of Critter Country. GREAT view of Splash Mountain, the Rivers of America, and the Splash Mountain logs reaching the end of that drop out on the Rivers of America.)

"Why did we wait so long to do this? There's no light."

"Because everybody does it but we forgot until just now."

"We're not very good tourists, Gigi."

"Well, we spent how long in a lantern?"

(Pay no attention to that hand behind the curtain. I MADE fancy wire stands for Gigi and Whisp and instead every shot is a ridiculous puppet show featuring me doing the Cabbage Patch with a pair of dolls in one hand and a camera in the other.)

"Okay, we're at the Tiki Room, and from here the Temple of the Forbidden Eye is... kind of..."

"There's an app now, you know."

"I like paper maps, I can turn them and they don't auto-rotate to undo what I was doing."

"It's past the Jungle Cruise and before the treehouse thing."

"I know that, but I'm trying to find the entrance."

"There will be a sign."

"... You don't need to try to sound ominous about it."

"No, really, a signpost, with the wait time on it. Come on, Gigi, hurry up, they're letting people into the Tiki Room now."

"Just a minute."

"... No, seriously, Gigi, let's go."

"Why are you in such a-- oh. Right, yes, singing robot birds, here we go."

(Gigi's map is a printable I made myself, and I'll upload it and a tutorial... when I get the tutorial pics sorted. I'm really proud of it. And for the record, that's Freaky Field Trip Gigi wearing her original top and necklace (painted the necklace), a pair of leggings I got in a lot that I suspect are Raven Queen's, her Monsterista shoes (not shown), New Scaremester earrings (painted), Budget Basic bracelet (also painted!) as a ponytail holder, and two Scaris Cleo bell-bracelets because I liked the color, accompanied by I Heart Fashion Whisp wearing her own pink minidress and gold necklace (painted), having borrowed Gigi's signature earrings and bracelets (painted) with one bracelet as a ponytail holder again, New Scarmester belt (painted) and tights, and Budget Basic shoes (painted but not shown). I kind of wish I'd had more time to plot pics-- and I flat-out forgot to try to get shots of them around Aladdin's Oasis-- but it was a whirlwind trip to see the parade and ride the newly-reopened train, and finally locate the Harbor Galley, which is a nice place to eat if you want a seafood salad-- or seafood options that aren't spicy. My heart forever bleeds that Disneyland decided to add red bell peppers to their clam chowder-- I could deal with it if it were just New Orleans Square where nothing but dessert comes without heat, but it's all of Disneyland's clam chowder. Me and my capsaicin sensitivity are very sad.)

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I love these kind of photos. Action figure theatre is my jam. That map is awesome and you should feel awesome.


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