If you read my last dolls-at-Disneyland post, then this image should look familiar:

And since I went to all the trouble of making that map, now you can too! Lots of pics behind the cut, but I'm uploading the biggest two as links at the end.

Come on, let's make props! )
Exactly what it says on the tin, really.

Because I love the idea of Cleo having molded-on bandages, but the execution-- having them all the same color as her skin-- leaves something to be desired.

So because apparently a doll isn't Mine until I've messed with it somehow, I grabbed my paints and attacked poor Reboot Cleo.

Super-basic before-and-after, that's Ghoul's Beast Pet (Pet Beast? I get those wrong every time) Cleo on the left, unpainted, and the body of Dance the Fright Away Cleo on the right, doin' a HHM Bloodgood impression. I used acrylics straight from the bottle, as is my wont, did a wash-and-wipe in a dusty brown darker than Cleo's skin, dry-brushing in a creamy color, and then just sort of scrubbing a thin, thin coat of metallic gold, because Cleo. Sealed with my artist's matte sealer.

Detail shots behind the cut! )
Okay, so virtually every Monster High doll I get, I get Because Reasons. Sometimes those reasons are things like "Hot damn, so-and-so's getting a doll!" or "At this point it's just weird not to have a Main Character," or "Curvy doll curvy doll curvy doll! Okay so she's a squid I don't care look at her HIPS!" or, sadly, "Oh, hey, what's-her-face is on super-clearance." Occasionally, though, the Reason for getting a doll is something like...

"Welp, Prom 2014 and CreamoDreamo's art made me ship Jackson/Toralei, I guess I need a Toralei doll now."


"... How did Mattel find out about Aerocorn because this Zombie Unicorn looks like her alternate-universe son, I never posted any of that fic because I never finished any of it..."


"Wow, this Puff Pink gal sure makes cute art and whoops now I need Bonita and Wydowna."

And since I've re-written my thoughts about eight times, let's just skip straight to the inspiration and what I did Wednesday night, which was this:

A few more pics and a lot more rambling behind the cut. )
The Ghouls Getaway dolls are just about tied with Gloom & Bloom for being covered in ridiculous amounts of beautifully-sculpted accessories that cried out for paint. This is only Jane's third doll, and although I do plan to list the nudie this week on eBay, I held onto her long enough to do a full photoshoot.

So this is Jane Before-- great colors, but detail largely obscured by Bright Teal and Neon Lime.

Only one picture outside a cut, this isn't Tumblr and I don't know what your connection is like. )
Okay, this is the last of the accessories I've painted up for now-- I need my Paintin' Desk for other things until at least mid-September.

Skelita! )

Ghouls Getaway Jinafire )

Cleo and/or Deuce )

Signature Werecat Twins! )

Assorted accessories! )
Honey Swamp and Robecca Steam's Gore-Geous Accessories dolls are just delightful, but I just can't leave well enough alone with most accessories, so... well, I painted them.

Pics behind the cut! )
I'm not actually a huge fan of Amanita Nightshade, but I saw her at Marshall's on clearance for $10 and went, "... Yeah, no, I'm not going to get a better deal than that on her in the box, with all her stuff," and caved.

Her character may not thrill me and her doll may not connect with me, but golly her accessories were fun to paint. Thirteen pics. )
And because I have enough of her stuff for a whole post all to herself, Jinafire.

Twenty-two pics. )
I cleared out my display case for to put things away properly, and I figured as long as I was doing that, I should snap some pictures.

... Yeah that turned out to be 74. I'm splitting this into three posts. First post: random stuff! Sixteen pictures. )
Gooliope is a great toy, I love her to bits. Sure, I wish the other MH dolls were as poseable as she is (as much as I wish they all had hands like River's), but it also kind of makes sense that she NEEDS the extra flexibility to fit through doors and hallways that are too small for her because they were scaled for Deluxe Class and she's Ultra Class.

But even more so than most MH dolls, Gooliope's accessories needed paint-- they're SO BIG, comparatively, that they just looked kind of flat.

26 pics behind the cut )


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