Okay, so if you've just arrived at this blog from somewhere like Hat Plays Sims or eBay, then you found my doll collecting blog! Welcome! I'm sporadically active here (I'm sporadically active everywhere, it's why my business is named On Again, Off Again), but the pictures aren't going anywhere. I'm Almighty Hat, and I use that name or a variation (almightyhat, Almighty_Hat) everywhere I go. You can call me Hat, it's fine, and it's a lot faster to type and easier to pronounce than my actual name.

As a doll collector, I have a lifelong collection of Barbies, a middling-old collection of Robert Tonner dolls, a handful of Riley Kish and friends, a fairly new but getting expansive collection of Monster High dolls (where were those when I was a kid?), and a small business in 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. ... Plus three life-sized child dolls I got before I became an auntie, a smattering of action figures, and a shelf full of Alice in Wonderland... stuff. (The Alice Shelf is a wonderful excuse to get miniature teacups and teapots and tea sets in any old scale.)

This isn't my Official Business Blog, but you can see everything I have for sale on eBay here, auctions closing every week on Sunday, starting in the five o'clock hour (Pacific Time). Watch this space for a link to a non-eBay sales post coming soon. (Or just ask me if there's something specific you're looking for. I have a significant stash of headless Monster High bodies.)

If you contact me through some method you found on this blog (private message or email) rather than through eBay, I am willing to both pull something off of eBay to sell for you and pull something off of eBay to trade with you. My ultimate aim is to preview items for a week or so on the blog (probably 'or so') before putting them on eBay, so I can not only offer you items for sale or trade but arrange payment plans (which I can't do on eBay), but that's Future Plans and who knows what will happen in reality.

Currently I only have one wishlist up, but if you want to barter with me, here's my Monster High wishlist.

If you see something on the Stuff I Made tag that you want for your own, feel free to contact me about commissioning a duplicate. I'm considering opening up re-root commissions, too; if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to drop me a comment.

You can always contact me by leaving a comment; anonymous messaging is enabled so you don't even need your own Dreamwidth account. OpenID comments and private messages are enabled, so if your preferred blogging platform uses OpenID, you can leave a signed comment or send me a private message. You can also contact me via email as actuallyalmightyhat AT gmail DOT com. (I'd use the proper symbols but I get more spam that way.) You can also message me as almightyhat on DeviantArt if that makes you more comfortable, or if you're on Garden of Shadows, Plumb Bob Keep, or Mod The Sims, you can send me private messages there (I'm Almighty Hat all three places, but I don't fully recommend messaging me at Mod the Sims, as I don't get email alerts for that site and it might be a while before I notice your message).

I always put my sales policies outside a cut, but just so they're readily available, here they are inside a cut: Sales Policies ) Trade Policies ) Abandoned Trades )

I haven't 100% decided what I'll take commissions on yet, but I'm willing to negotiate knot-method saran re-roots for basically any vinyl doll that already has rooting holes (I'll add a part or adjust a hairline but not root from scratch with no guide) and maybe painted accessories. I will also be using doll sales post and eBay money to buy molds and equipment to finally start teaching myself to make my own porcelain dollhouse dolls. It's only been fourteen years since I went into business dressing them. Dollhouse miniatures, however, will only be available on eBay and on my actual official business blog, which as you can see is currently kind of completely empty. I jumped on the username before I had content ready to go.


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