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Name:Almighty Hat
I am a Hat of many hobbies, and this journal is about my dolls. If you're looking for Sims 2 content and nattering, try here, and if you're looking for fanfic, try here, instead.

I used to collect all kinds of dolls, pretty much anything that appealed to me, but these days I've settled on a few kinds: 1:12 dollhouse scale dolls and miniatures, 1:6-ish scale Monster High dolls (I held out for like two years. Scaris Rochelle finally won me over), 1:4 scale dolls by Tonner and Kish (though I need to cull that collection a bit), and finally I have three life-sized child dolls who end up getting a lot of cute, cheap kids' clothes (who may be getting less attention now that I have a niece and Mom has a granddaughter).

This blog is or will soon be full of lists and photos of said dolls-- what I have, what I wish I had, what I have for sale-- items I've made for dolls, whether my own or other folks', and probably occasional links to eBay auctions, as well as a fair amount of plain old picspam. As I write this, though, this blog stands pretty empty-- hopefully just having it here and waiting for me to fill it up will prompt me to dig out my camera and my photo backdrops and play with my dolls some more.

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