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Jul. 3rd, 2016 02:14 pm
Okay, so if you've just arrived at this blog from somewhere like Hat Plays Sims or eBay, then you found my doll collecting blog! Welcome! I'm sporadically active here (I'm sporadically active everywhere, it's why my business is named On Again, Off Again), but the pictures aren't going anywhere. I'm Almighty Hat, and I use that name or a variation (almightyhat, Almighty_Hat) everywhere I go. You can call me Hat, it's fine, and it's a lot faster to type and easier to pronounce than my actual name.

As a doll collector, I have a lifelong collection of Barbies, a middling-old collection of Robert Tonner dolls, a handful of Riley Kish and friends, a fairly new but getting expansive collection of Monster High dolls (where were those when I was a kid?), and a small business in 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. ... Plus three life-sized child dolls I got before I became an auntie, a smattering of action figures, and a shelf full of Alice in Wonderland... stuff. (The Alice Shelf is a wonderful excuse to get miniature teacups and teapots and tea sets in any old scale.)

This isn't my Official Business Blog, but if you came here from eBay, you're probably looking for my casual sales posts. Those are here:

The Tonner Sales Post
(Currently open.)

The Monster High Sales Post
(Currently closed; items are on eBay here.; find the overflow post here.)

Never mind hang on everything is being revamped! In the meantime, you can see everything I have for sale on eBay here, auctions closing every week on Sunday, starting in the five o'clock hour (Pacific Time). Watch this space for a link to a non-eBay sales post coming soon.

If you contact me through some method you found on this blog (private message or email) rather than through eBay, I am willing to both pull something off of eBay to sell for you and pull something off of eBay to trade with you. My ultimate aim is to preview items for a week or so on the blog (probably 'or so') before putting them on eBay, so I can not only offer you items for sale or trade but arrange payment plans (which I can't do on eBay), but that's Future Plans and who knows what will happen in reality.

Currently I only have one wishlist up, but if you want to barter with me, here's my Monster High wishlist.

If you see something on the Stuff I Made tag that you want for your own, feel free to contact me about commissioning a duplicate. I'm considering opening up re-root commissions, too; if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to drop me a comment.

You can always contact me by leaving a comment; anonymous messaging is enabled so you don't even need your own Dreamwidth account. OpenID comments and private messages are enabled, so if your preferred blogging platform uses OpenID, you can leave a signed comment or send me a private message. You can also contact me via email as actuallyalmightyhat AT gmail DOT com. (I'd use the proper symbols but I get more spam that way.) You can also message me as almightyhat on DeviantArt if that makes you more comfortable, or if you're on Garden of Shadows, Plumb Bob Keep, or Medieval Sims, you can send me private messages there (I'm Almighty Hat all three places, but I don't fully recommend messaging me at Mod the Sims, as I don't get email alerts for that site and it might be a while before I notice your message).

I always put my sales policies outside a cut, but just so they're readily available, here they are inside a cut: Sales Policies ) Trade Policies ) Abandoned Trades )

I haven't 100% decided what I'll take commissions on yet, but I'm willing to negotiate knot-method saran re-roots for basically any vinyl doll that already has rooting holes (I'll add a part or adjust a hairline but not root from scratch) and maybe painted accessories. I will also be using doll sales post and eBay money to buy molds and equipment to finally start teaching myself to make my own porcelain dollhouse dolls. It's only been fourteen years since I went into business dressing them. Dollhouse miniatures, however, will only be available on eBay and on my actual official business blog, which as you can see is currently kind of completely empty. I jumped on the username before I had content ready to go.
As I was going through my pics, I did find the photoshoot from the last time I took MH dolls to Disneyland-- which is the last time I've been to Disneyland recently, actually. Sadly, it was baking hot in Anaheim last September, so although I carted my dolls around quite a bit, I only pulled the dolls out of my bag to take photos once. Actually I hardly pulled my camera out at all-- seriously it was so hot. Always check the weather report before you go anywhere.

So since there's only one pic (I only did one pose, and this was the best one), it goes outside the cut.

The Steam Family Vacation was supposed to be so cute but the weather foiled it. Well, foiled me. I even promised myself they'd be my tourist dolls if I snagged the two-pack before my next trip. So instead you get them posing proudly in front of the castle. At least Robecca is dressed for the weather.
So, recently, I got the Very Last Doll I needed to consider my Monster High collection-- not complete, exactly, but I now have one of every single currently released character (except Zomby Gaga, who is going for 'haha no what?' prices on eBay). And although the lighting in my bedroom is kind of terrible for taking pics in certain areas, I really wanted to show how my collection has grown.

See, okay, a friend in another fandom got me watching the Monster High webisodes probably in 2011. I'd seen the dolls but at the point they were brand new, I was still mostly a Tonner doll collector, and the stylized proportions and paint jobs didn't appeal to me until I started watching the webisodes.

In March of 2013 (which I remember cos I wrote to Mattel about The Glue Issue that I now know how to fix myself), I got Scaris Rochelle, because the particular Rochelle I spotted at Target had a particularly charming spread of freckles. I was not, at this point, doomed. I wasn't even doomed when I hit eBay and started looking for Rochelle's basic outfit. (I was astonished at how cheap everything was, though, since I was coming from collecting MUCH more expensive dolls. Those were the days-- when eight dollars for a pair of shoes didn't seem like highway robbery.)

My doom began when I got Rochelle's signature diary, read it, and discovered she had a crush on Deuce. I hadn't seen any of the specials at this point, let alone the Scaris movie (where we find out Rochelle has a long-distance boyfriend who suddenly stopped writing to her), and Cleo, in the webisodes, was only partway through her character arc from 'rich, controlling bully with a few good qualities' to 'vain but gracious princess with some control issues.' I liked Deuce, but was not a fan of Cleo, and suddenly I was intrigued! So I scoured eBay for a reasonable price on Signature Deuce, complete, with his diary. This... was not an easy task, but I did it. I figured as long as I was getting my favorites, I might as well get Abbey, who I loved all to pieces, and embarked on a search for The Perfect Abbey (who turned out to be Skull Shores Abbey). ... And frankensteined up a body with relatively even glitter distribution for her. Abbey was a process.

I got Bloodgood on sale because Abbey was living with her during the week for school. I got the Gorgon-Mummy CAM pack and the Gargoyle Boy singly on eBay in case I felt bad about breaking up a canon couple later. I accidentally won a Jackson on eBay. (Seriously I put in a bid thinking I'd never get him while heading in to a Burger King.)

And as of July 2013, my Monster High collection looked like this:

Gargoyle Boy not shown as apparently I was still searching for his wig. I take it back, you can just see his sneakered feet clinging to the mirror, I forgot I made up for my lack of boy stands by making him climb-- and I sure didn't get him in the shot.

Also that's a super-terrible picture, I acknowledge that, it was taken in a dark corner of my room under natural lighting with the built-in camera on the cheapest smartphone I could find.

So I got a couple DVDs, watched Skull Shores and Fright On and Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love and Friday Night Frights and Ghouls Rule, fell for a couple other characters, got Skelita because skeleton fashion doll, I would've loved Skelita when I was six almost as much as I love her now, and decided okay, I could buy all the clothes I wanted, but I had to limit myself to one of each doll. 13 Wishes came out, and Twyla is my Haunted Mansion Baby, I love her. I got the Dance Class five-pack because Gil and a new Rochelle outfit, and snagged a Music Festival two-pack-- with Gil, Clawd, Deuce, and Jackson, I had the whole gaming group. I sold MF Draculaura before realizing it was weird not to have any of their girlfriends, though. Which meant I had to find Draculaura, and The Perfect Lagoona, and I held off on Cleo because I still didn't like her yet (and also because she has so much gorgeous stuff. If I only loved minor characters, there was a cap to how much clothing I could get, right?)-- but I somehow managed to get Holt. And, look, once you have Jackson, Holt, Clawdeen, and Draculaura, it's just weird not to have Frankie.

I was still doing okay! Particular faves only, only one doll. (Howleen, because I had Clawdeen and Twyla. Invisibilly because he's Twyla's friend, and a boy, and a stage manager. Operetta because Picture Day hit Costco and she was a stunner. Heath because of COURSE Heath.) I dragged Twyla to Disneyland for photographic proof that she's my Haunted Mansion Baby. I finally landed a Phys Dead Ghoulia, rebodied Clawd onto a Texas A&M Ken body for height and buffness, and when Prom 2014 hit, suddenly somehow I was shipping Jackson/Toralei. So I had to hunt down a Toralei. ... And I also needed Neighthan, for the world's most ridiculous reasons-- if you took the OFC I made up (twenty years ago) for a very different toy-driven cartoon, paired her off with the canon character I made her up to pair off with, translated them both into the Monster High universe, and gave them a kid, that kid would be Neighthan Rot. I don't super-ship him with Frankie, but I love him for himself and for the fact that he genuinely appears to be my Fanfiction Lovechild. I got Sirena as a gift. Field Trip Gigi made me go "Oh wow a Gigi I like!" and I got her. Art Class Robecca was devastatingly lovely, so I got her too.

Things were still reasonable at the end of 2014-- my doll shelves looked like this:

As a holdover from my LiveJournal days, it still feels rude to have more than one pic outside the cut. )
Okay, this is the last of the accessories I've painted up for now-- I need my Paintin' Desk for other things until at least mid-September.

Skelita! )

Ghouls Getaway Jinafire )

Cleo and/or Deuce )

Signature Werecat Twins! )

Assorted accessories! )
Honey Swamp and Robecca Steam's Gore-Geous Accessories dolls are just delightful, but I just can't leave well enough alone with most accessories, so... well, I painted them.

Pics behind the cut! )
I'm not actually a huge fan of Amanita Nightshade, but I saw her at Marshall's on clearance for $10 and went, "... Yeah, no, I'm not going to get a better deal than that on her in the box, with all her stuff," and caved.

Her character may not thrill me and her doll may not connect with me, but golly her accessories were fun to paint. Thirteen pics. )
And because I have enough of her stuff for a whole post all to herself, Jinafire.

Twenty-two pics. )
I cleared out my display case for to put things away properly, and I figured as long as I was doing that, I should snap some pictures.

... Yeah that turned out to be 74. I'm splitting this into three posts. First post: random stuff! Sixteen pictures. )
Gooliope is a great toy, I love her to bits. Sure, I wish the other MH dolls were as poseable as she is (as much as I wish they all had hands like River's), but it also kind of makes sense that she NEEDS the extra flexibility to fit through doors and hallways that are too small for her because they were scaled for Deluxe Class and she's Ultra Class.

But even more so than most MH dolls, Gooliope's accessories needed paint-- they're SO BIG, comparatively, that they just looked kind of flat.

26 pics behind the cut )
By request (by Celaeno), I brought Neighthan. He's a favorite of mine for several slightly stupid reasons-- somehow Mattel managed to make a monster doll who passes as the alternate-universe offspring of my favorite character and a twenty-year-old OC from an entirely different toyetic fandom.

So here's Neight's trip to Disneyland-- with a special celebrity guest star! )
I never do anything fun with this blog, despite doing the occasional fun thing in reality. I'm going on a trip to Disneyland starting Friday, and the most agonizing decision isn't what to pack or what to ride or where to eat or how to deal with the cat in the car (the cat goes with), but which doll(s) to bring.

This started simply enough. I wanted to prove to some folks that Twyla is basically the Haunted Mansion souvenir shop in doll form. )

So that was in May of 2014. I was supposed to go to Disneyland again in October of 2014, buuuut sadly that was when my aging cat sort of developed lymphoma and had to have surgery and the family I had planned to go with went without me while I spent a few days sleeping three hours at a time between medication, feeding, and the medication that had to be given an hour after feeding. By the time July of 2015 rolled around, we were gearing up for the kickoff of Disneyland's 60th anniversary celebration, and Harley (said sick cat) was recovered enough to go with us (pet-friendly hotels are the best)-- and so were Abbey and Heath! )

And then we packed up the dolls and the cat and went home. I'm glad I got to take Harley on vacation with me, because it turned out that trip was my last chance. Mom and I went at the very beginning of December as a pick-me-up from losing Harley, and this time I brought Mouscedes. )

But WHO LEAVES WITH ME ON FRIDAY? I have two days to decide and all I know for sure is that Luna, Sirena, and Bonita are out because I don't want to break/lose any of their bits, and Gooliope is out because I don't have a purse that big, and Robecca doesn't get to go to Disneyland until I can bring her AND Hexiciah (I'm getting that two-pack. I will sell my eye teeth for it). River doesn't photograph super-well, Elle has wiggly hips, I'd feel bad taking one Wolf sibling without taking the other three (and I don't have a purse that big, remember), Vandala photographs better than Porter but couldn't bring her obstacle of a hat, I don't want to crush Honey's hair... Maybe I'll bring Neight. Or Draculaura, to show off her new Bunny Blanc body (I have a Bunniculaura). Or Toralei. Or Jinafire, I've painted a lot of her stuff.

This is a hard decision!
If you've bought Mattel dolls in the last ten years or so, you may have noticed that while dolls made in China are pretty much what they always were, dolls from Mattel's Indonesia factory have the insides of their heads coated with a glue made from pine sap resin. Frequently, this glue softens up and seeps out through the rooting holes in the vinyl heads, coating the dolls' hair with sticky, pine-scented goop that collects dust and dirt, makes the hair look greasy, and makes the rooting look sparse (as instead of spreading out and blending, the individual plugs stick together). Brushing cornstarch or an absorbent powder through the hair, then brushing it out, has been used as a stopgap measure; I tend to wash my Indonesian dolls with hot water and clarifying shampoo, which has always worked pretty well on new dolls, fresh out of the box.

Recently, and I blame Creamodreamo on tumblr just as I blame Creamo for the fic I posted a couple days ago, I got myself a Signature Toralei on eBay who was missing a shoe, a tail, and her and Sweet Fang's scarves, and who was in need of a bit of TLC. I like to think I'm pretty good at rehabbing dolls who don't have MAJOR structural issues and I've been managing minor Indonesian glue seepage on my other dolls with nothing but the usual clarifying shampoo and dye and fragrance free fabric softener, so I wasn't at all intimidated. I washed Toralei's hair.

And I washed Toralei's hair.

And I washed Toralei's hair.

And it got better, but mostly I was just cleaning dirt out of the pine resin that was saturating it from root to tip. Eventually I said "I'll come back to this," and took care of the black staining on her nose and ear, which was a lot easier when her waxy-sticky hair stuck to itself and stayed out of the way. I picked up the Fearleading Trio to give her a body with a tail (and get some uniforms, and offer Fearleading Toralei's head to a friend of mine), and let her alone.

Then I got this crazy idea. )
I am a Hat of many hobbies, and this journal is about my dolls.

I specifically collect three different scales of dolls: 1:12 dollhouse dolls (men are about six inches tall), 1:4 fashion dolls (men are about seventeen inches tall), and life-sized child or baby dolls (I have three, with a fourth in progress. I accept the idea that once you have three of something impractical, you have a collection).

This blog is or will soon be full of lists and photos of said dolls-- what I have, what I wish I had, what I have for sale-- items I've made for dolls, whether my own or other folks', and probably occasional links to eBay auctions, as well as a fair amount of plain old picspam. As I write this, though, this blog stands pretty empty-- hopefully just having it here and waiting for me to fill it up will prompt me to dig out my camera and my photo backdrops and play with my dolls some more.


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