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So, recently, I got the Very Last Doll I needed to consider my Monster High collection-- not complete, exactly, but I now have one of every single currently released character (except Zomby Gaga, who is going for 'haha no what?' prices on eBay). And although the lighting in my bedroom is kind of terrible for taking pics in certain areas, I really wanted to show how my collection has grown.

See, okay, a friend in another fandom got me watching the Monster High webisodes probably in 2011. I'd seen the dolls but at the point they were brand new, I was still mostly a Tonner doll collector, and the stylized proportions and paint jobs didn't appeal to me until I started watching the webisodes.

In March of 2013 (which I remember cos I wrote to Mattel about The Glue Issue that I now know how to fix myself), I got Scaris Rochelle, because the particular Rochelle I spotted at Target had a particularly charming spread of freckles. I was not, at this point, doomed. I wasn't even doomed when I hit eBay and started looking for Rochelle's basic outfit. (I was astonished at how cheap everything was, though, since I was coming from collecting MUCH more expensive dolls. Those were the days-- when eight dollars for a pair of shoes didn't seem like highway robbery.)

My doom began when I got Rochelle's signature diary, read it, and discovered she had a crush on Deuce. I hadn't seen any of the specials at this point, let alone the Scaris movie (where we find out Rochelle has a long-distance boyfriend who suddenly stopped writing to her), and Cleo, in the webisodes, was only partway through her character arc from 'rich, controlling bully with a few good qualities' to 'vain but gracious princess with some control issues.' I liked Deuce, but was not a fan of Cleo, and suddenly I was intrigued! So I scoured eBay for a reasonable price on Signature Deuce, complete, with his diary. This... was not an easy task, but I did it. I figured as long as I was getting my favorites, I might as well get Abbey, who I loved all to pieces, and embarked on a search for The Perfect Abbey (who turned out to be Skull Shores Abbey). ... And frankensteined up a body with relatively even glitter distribution for her. Abbey was a process.

I got Bloodgood on sale because Abbey was living with her during the week for school. I got the Gorgon-Mummy CAM pack and the Gargoyle Boy singly on eBay in case I felt bad about breaking up a canon couple later. I accidentally won a Jackson on eBay. (Seriously I put in a bid thinking I'd never get him while heading in to a Burger King.)

And as of July 2013, my Monster High collection looked like this:

Gargoyle Boy not shown as apparently I was still searching for his wig. I take it back, you can just see his sneakered feet clinging to the mirror, I forgot I made up for my lack of boy stands by making him climb-- and I sure didn't get him in the shot.

Also that's a super-terrible picture, I acknowledge that, it was taken in a dark corner of my room under natural lighting with the built-in camera on the cheapest smartphone I could find.

So I got a couple DVDs, watched Skull Shores and Fright On and Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love and Friday Night Frights and Ghouls Rule, fell for a couple other characters, got Skelita because skeleton fashion doll, I would've loved Skelita when I was six almost as much as I love her now, and decided okay, I could buy all the clothes I wanted, but I had to limit myself to one of each doll. 13 Wishes came out, and Twyla is my Haunted Mansion Baby, I love her. I got the Dance Class five-pack because Gil and a new Rochelle outfit, and snagged a Music Festival two-pack-- with Gil, Clawd, Deuce, and Jackson, I had the whole gaming group. I sold MF Draculaura before realizing it was weird not to have any of their girlfriends, though. Which meant I had to find Draculaura, and The Perfect Lagoona, and I held off on Cleo because I still didn't like her yet (and also because she has so much gorgeous stuff. If I only loved minor characters, there was a cap to how much clothing I could get, right?)-- but I somehow managed to get Holt. And, look, once you have Jackson, Holt, Clawdeen, and Draculaura, it's just weird not to have Frankie.

I was still doing okay! Particular faves only, only one doll. (Howleen, because I had Clawdeen and Twyla. Invisibilly because he's Twyla's friend, and a boy, and a stage manager. Operetta because Picture Day hit Costco and she was a stunner. Heath because of COURSE Heath.) I dragged Twyla to Disneyland for photographic proof that she's my Haunted Mansion Baby. I finally landed a Phys Dead Ghoulia, rebodied Clawd onto a Texas A&M Ken body for height and buffness, and when Prom 2014 hit, suddenly somehow I was shipping Jackson/Toralei. So I had to hunt down a Toralei. ... And I also needed Neighthan, for the world's most ridiculous reasons-- if you took the OFC I made up (twenty years ago) for a very different toy-driven cartoon, paired her off with the canon character I made her up to pair off with, translated them both into the Monster High universe, and gave them a kid, that kid would be Neighthan Rot. I don't super-ship him with Frankie, but I love him for himself and for the fact that he genuinely appears to be my Fanfiction Lovechild. I got Sirena as a gift. Field Trip Gigi made me go "Oh wow a Gigi I like!" and I got her. Art Class Robecca was devastatingly lovely, so I got her too.

Things were still reasonable at the end of 2014-- my doll shelves looked like this:

As you can see, the collection started spilling from 'just that one shelf behind the door, you know, the one I hung up so I could hang a jacket and a purse somewhere out of the way, so I had somewhere to set the contents of my pockets at the end of the day,' and moved onto the vanity/desk/little table of many purposes. (I have a home office, but it doubles as a guest room, so I do need somewhere to set up the computer when we have company.) But still, not a LARGE collection, really, and that's a little more than two and a half year's worth of collecting. I restrained myself. I really did.

Haunted came out and while I waited on Kiyomi (every single Kiyomi in my area had eye wonk, and the least little bit of eye wonk looks terrible on Kiyomi because of her sculpted lashes/upper lid), I needed all four of those new characters. Vandala first, of course, she's a disabled female ghost pirate captain who might not canonically be a lesbian but she sure did decide that her own personal private diary requires a descdrop of every girl she writes about. River and Porter I snagged later, on sale, on the same day, in different stores. I also painted up the Haunted kids' accessories pretty intensely, because I managed to grab the only River in all of Toys R Us with no eye wonk... AND no skull paint on her nose. Well done me.

I got New Scaremester Catty on clearance because why not get the whole Disappearing Club? (I took Heath and Abbey to Disneyland.) I got Casta Fierce as a 'sorry your cat is sick and you had to miss a Disneyland trip to do her post-surgical care' gift from Mom. I started painting accessories in earnest. I had to get Mouscedes, because tiny ratty princess with fuzzy wrists and ankles and somebody on the design team knew she needed a pink tail and to be lactose intolerant (and she's kind of Jewish-coded?) and I love her. She's got like seven lines in the damn movie and I love her. I got the damn three-pack just for a matte Mouscedes-- and THEN I decided Luna was also too cute not to keep, and Elle tagged along for the ride because why not. Also I was in love with Catty Noir, so I got her stuff, and the Goulebrities in Londoom three-pack, and I was GOING to sell Elissabat and Viperine, but Viperine grew on me and okay, while it's entirely fair to think of Elissabat as Purple Draculaura, she grew on me fast and is super-duper photogenic, I had a lot of fun with her at Disneyland.

And suddenly I kind of wanted the other FCA dolls I'd passed on, Honey and Clawdia. And as long as I was at it, Avea and Bonita, too. Gloom and Bloom Jinafire was the first Jinafire I'd seen who wasn't hilariously wall-eyed, so I got her, she is mine. Gooliope I nabbed on sale just before she went on clearance. A Wal-Mart cashier gave me a $10 discount on Signature Jane because someone had sprayed silly string all over her box. I landed a complete Signature Nefera, somehow. Amanita Nightshade was ten bucks at Marshall's. I paid full price for Kala Mer'ri and her fantastically curvy body. Garrot suddenly had a doll, so Rochelle no longer needed to gaze longingly at other girls' boyfriends. I got a partial IHF Scarah in a lot with SDCC Scarah's diary.

And Frights, Camera, Action Cleo won me over, and I finally let Cleo (and all her beautifully designed stuff) into my heart. Then I was well and truly doomed.

By the time the reboot was announced in 2016, I had all but about ten characters. Not dolls, I'm still not thrilled by every doll, but I only lacked a double-handful of characters.

I do not lack anyone now.

Okay so here's everybody who canonically attends (or teaches at) Monster High. Everybody. I tried to group roughly by how regular a character they are, though I made some concessions for height and space issues. (I also plan to rebuild my risers; they're just cardboard, and I really wish I'd made each step an inch taller, so you can still see the Little Sisters even if they are on the shelf behind Manny Taur.)

Again, the photo quality is not great and the soft green of my bedroom walls looks kind of... bleah, but at least this time I used artificial lighting. And my camera instead of my phone.

Oh but also:

Everybody (except Zomby Gaga) who doesn't currently attend Monster High, whether they canonically go to another school, graduated Monster High, are adults, live in a lantern, or in the case of Honey, Viperine, and Elissabat, might go to Monster High but might not and it's all very confusing. PS: Command Adhesive hooks are the best thing for ghostly or flying characters. Also the blacklight on my Great Scarrier Reef girls photographs weird, but sure makes them glow nice.

Okay, detail shots!

Porter, Vandala, River, and Kiyomi. I think Haunted was the only movie I actually watched close to when I GOT it, which led to getting three of the four new characters while they were actually on store shelves. Kiyomi's the only one whose stuff I haven't painted. River is stealing a slice of blacklight, either her chains or the paint I used on them react beautifully to it.

Nobody fully in this photo has a totally normal body. Mouscedes is a Little Sister (and my ratty baby), Casta is a big sister, there are the GSR sea monsters, Nefera, and SDCC Whisp, who I got... kind of partly because the Villain Two-Pack was going for frighteningly reasonable prices, and partly because I REALLY wanted to play with her. (Also, because diaries. I need ALL the diaries.) Nefera was a completionist buy, as were both Peri & Pearl and Posea-- but Kala, now, Kala, I wanted. She's fantastic and I love her face and her coloring and although I feel like her character could've been a little more gracefully written-- she did a heel-face turn REALLY fast, without a lot of prior indication that her Tragic Past had made her sympathetic rather than an asshole-- I still love her. More curvy dolls, Mattel! More curvy dolls with this level of articulation!

It's not a big shelf, there's a little overlap here. I love Clawdia's smile and wish there were more smiling MH sculpts. Honey is a delight, I love her hair, painting her accessories is fun, I'm glad I backtracked and got her. I do kind of wish I'd gotten FCA Viperine, though-- Londoom is cute but her hair is VERY flat. And Elissabat takes nice photos even with the grain too high. Luna is wearing a pair of Toralei's shoes, but they're red jelly that I got from China and painted. They didn't work for Toralei, but I like them a lot more with Luna's summer-Goth dress than her black boots (which don't even have a lot of detail to paint). Elle took a while to win me over, and it was mostly detail that did it; her color scheme is beautiful but she kind of looks like a cross between Spectra and Robecca. On the other hand, she's also uniquely slim, and her hair blend is gorgeous. Mouscedes is my baby. She is also wearing a Bratz party dress because it's adorable on her. And Casta, I wish I had more clothes for. I love her, too, she's got this perfect Halloween Witch look.

Also Posea again-- I'm not sure how I like her as a character, but her design is stunning, and weirdly if I had to pick the doll who looks most like me, it'd be Posea. Not a LOT like me, but there's something about the hairline, the shape of the eyes, the chin, and the cheekbones that makes me go 'yeah, looks like me,' when in fact I am twice her age and in scale I'd be twice her width.

I know what you're gonna say, that's not Black Carpet Cleo and isn't that the one I say won my heart? And you are correct! I eventually started snipping the prongs off of neck knobs and saving multiple heads where I couldn't choose between dolls. It technically saves space and lets me switch hair and makeup as much as I want. So yeah, that's Skull Shores Cleo, on a painted Reboot body, fetchingly draped against Signature Deuce-- on a reboot body, which I really like on him. (Most stretchy clothes still fit the reboot bodies okay, and most of Deuce's woven clothes fit after I let them out. I learned to sew on dollhouse dolls, so tailoring for Deuce wasn't a big deal.)

Also it's hard to tell in this pic but Ghoulia looks alarmingly like Taylor Swift from certain angles. I was putting that headband on Scooter Ghoulia and went "... wait what."

Okay, so Toralei is either a first-tier villain or a second-tier Weird Non-Friend, but I love her so I stuck her up front, next to Frankie, and right in line with Jackson (okay it's a Barbie hoodie but it's in his palette, it's his now) and the Twins. I need to switch the twins' heads, though, I just got the Wheelin' Werecat versions (sadly nude) and I love the swappy makeup. (Skelita is wearing Bratz clothes, she looks amazing in crop tops, letting the breeze hit her ribs.) And Howleen is there! Apparently Howleen is friends with Toralei. I think mostly they just like to snark at each other. (Also in Bratz jeans. I wish the zippers were gold, but hey, werewolves don't react to steel, so.)

From this angle, Operetta is a little hidden. Clawdeen got upgraded to a Reboot body, too, I love the fur (I painted it, but I'm so far away and high-ISO that it's hard to tell), but that sadly means that none of her bracelets fit her anymore. Ghoulia has stolen an extra pair of Clawdeen's Dawn of the Dance tights, and rocks them. I think maybe you can see more of her Good Girl Thing In A Tight Little Skirt in this picture. Also, Heath was going to be holding a little tornado of flame (well, one of the fire cuffs from the later CAM packs), but I couldn't find a corresponding icy thing that I could get Abbey to hold. So they're trading desserts, I guess. There are at least five clear rubber bands involved n their pose.

And we snap to the upper corner! Because this is where awkwardly sized dolls got shoved. Yes, yes I could save space by not displaying Nightmare. Sadly, I do not have anywhere to store Nightmare. She stays on the risers, alas. And I probably should've put someone taller on the top shelf between Gooliope and Hexiciah, to fill the gap left by Nightmare's rump, but it amused me to put a tiny Little Sister in among the huge dolls. (I really need to make Bloodgood some more clothes. ... Also Hexiciah.)

Okay so what I tried to do in groupings was, the upper shelf is characters who only have small parts, or maybe a major part in one special or webisode arc. Cupid could be lower but I like how she looks next to Valentine (I also had a lot of fun fixing up her hair. I didn't hit the stylized curls I was aiming for because I ran out of room for pins, but she's got kind of an 80s/60s flip going on.) The next shelf down is characters who had a larger role or one large role and occasional recurring appearances, or they're bit players who show up a lot. One step lower (third down, second up) is for major but not-quite-main characters, recurring villains, and the twins, who can probably take Moanica if she tries to add Jackson to her zomboy horde. And then down on the top of the actual bookshelf go the main and main-adjacent characters. Initially I was going to try to group webisode, special, and crossover characters together, but I kept blocking people with Manny and Bloodgood and/or Nightmare.

Individual doll stories for this 'crammed together for a class photo' shot-- let's see. Cupid was a job to find-- I managed to get one with her complete outfit and her ring, but one of her hands belonged to Ghoulia. Which is fine, actually, I overspent on a set of replacements and now I have an extra right hand to gently glue that ring to. (Did the same thing with Nefera's ring, because one of her elbow pegs was stretched like taffy, poor thing.) Astranova, I have been searching for for AGES; it was next to impossible to find one who was a) on that midnight skintone b) actually pictured so I could spot for wonk eye (her eyes are so big, they're REALLY unforgiving of wonk), and c) was reasonably priced. BUT I GOT HER. And she's complete, which delights me-- I'd've settled for the doll but it turns out the flotation station is a lot of fun. Batsy I don't have much to say about, she's a completionist buy, as was Dayna-- I'm not 100% sure if Dayna actually attends Monster High, and I wouldn't have bothered with her if I hadn't found her for ten bucks at Burlington Coat Factory, actually. (I wouldn't have bothered with Batsy if I hadn't looked at my inventory list and gone "... Wait, I'm down to two dolls I don't have?" Batsy's characterization is thin, and if Elissabat is Purple Draculaura, then Batsy is Green Draculaura.) I did display Batsy without her wings on, as they don't have any of the fun articulation of Luna or Vampire Squid Draculaura's and they're bulky and forward-sweeping. My dolls are packed in like sardines, there's no room for wings nobody else can stand in front of. And yes, that's SDCC Wydowna up in the corner, she was a birthday present to myself back in 2015, I think.

Silvi was hard to find and I did lower her ponytail so she wasn't knocking over dolls on the shelf behind her. I WILL re-buy her if they release her with saran hair; nylon hair looks good and holds up well but ugh I hate it, you have to use LOTS of heat to do anything to it. I poured boiling water over Silvi and didn't even muss her crimping. My Ari is her fancy electronic doll's head swapped to her basic doll's body-- I got the electronic version for cheap on eBay because I like that face better, and frankly my two-year-old nephew loves to push the button on Armless Singing Light-Up Ari. I actually also like that the more translucent vinyl of her head (so the light flashed more evenly) makes Ari look a little darker-complected than Sirena or Haunted Spectra. Catrine took a while to win me over, but she managed it; I'm still not sure if I want her on a reboot body or a classic one. I used hot glue to mod my Clawdeen's body to take classic hands (because variety), so I could still use Catrine's Scaris gloves if I wanted to... well, I'm just undecided. I like Maul Monsteristas Gigi (birthday present to myself this year) at least as much as I like Field Trip Gigi-- I think it's the orange hair. The pink hair contrasts less with her face, and Field Trip Gigi has her orange streak right up front instead of in an underdye, like Signature and Scaremester Gigi. Yes, I kept IHF Scarah (actually I got a complete one when she went on clearance and just haven't sold my repeat pieces), and I did paint her sunglasses pink. She's hanging with Maul Billy because he looks more summery.

Catty keeps upstaging herself, I don't think I got a single good shot of Catty in this whole mess. Skelita is one of the few Monster High dolls I probably would've gotten even if I weren't collecting the line; I've loved skeletons since I was a tiny child. If Monster High had existed twenty-- um, twenty-five-- shit, man, thirty years ago, when I was in the target demographic, I would've LOVED them and rolled around in them. That's Signature Purrsephone and Fearleading Meowlody; I did some juggling to get the best eye placement on both twins. I really need to get Purrsephone's Zombie Shake head. I've been giving some thought to upgrading more boys to reboot bodies, and Jackson is on the 'maybe' list. And there's Moanica! She's one of my favorite things about the reboot, taken on her own; I love her style and her misguided schemes and her devotion to her horde and her ethnicity and accent. I kind of wish she had clawed hands, but maybe someday! (Also, yes, I do recognize that Moanica being probably-Puerto-Rican (... Puerto Shriekan?) isn't a great thing when there are none of the other, less megalomaniacal Latina characters have been rebooted yet.)

The focus in this shot sucks, sorry.

Yes, yes I did pose Wydowna and Bonita together because of Lesbugs. I dunno if I ship it, but they're high schoolers, they can date lots of people before they grow up and settle down. Isi has her problems, but she's a beautiful doll. I love her hair, it's fantastic, and someday I really want to make her some more Choctaw-looking clothes. Sadly, I am not the best Monster High fashion designer and aside from 'square yoke with ruffles' I'm not sure where to go with that ambition. (I mean, you can 'fix' her canon outfit's mishmash of styles by deciding to headcanon that Isi buys from various designers from different tribes, but you shouldn't have to fix things with headcanons.) If you didn't get IHF Iris cheap, you... probably still can, actually, there are probably still at least eight of her at your local Toys R Us, on clearance for six bucks. Gilda gets to stand next to Iris and also Gilda needs more clothes. Poor fantastic backgrounder girl. Marisol is a fantastic character I would've passed on, but she was ten bucks at Ross. ... And needs more shoes. Okay let's see, we did Scarah and Billy, a little (I need to pierce that Billy's ears), so-- Neighthan! My fanfiction baby. He also photographs beautifully, for the record. He's standing behind Avea's flank, because that way I can sort of cram two dolls into the space it'd take to display just Avea. That's the Scream and Sugar head on Amanita, there, got her and S&S Nefera on sale at TRU, and boy howdy is she upstaging herself with her phone. You can just barely see her little photobomber Lorna behind Venus's hair.

I may sell Hoodude. After I make a custom version, though. I LIKE Hoodude, he's adorable, but-- look at the poor guy, Mattel did him a heck of a disservice here. Basically I bought him for his diary, which I am delighted to have and will NOT sell. He's standing next to Robecca because one of the things I kind of wish Frights Camera Action had gone into is that, in the diary continuity and before Poppa Steam comes back, Hoodude and Robecca are both living with Ms Kindergrubber. They're like inorganic construct foster siblings. Also I'm glad that if only one doll was in focus in this shot, it's Venus-- that's her Zombie Shake head and I re-curled the heck out of that ponytail and I'm very proud of it. It's not as piece-y as I originally wanted it to turn out, but I kind of like the sort of 'sprawling pretty fungus' look it got. (Rochelle is next to Venus but totally upstaged by Clawd.)

Oh look it's Gil's elbow. And Twyla! I love her. ... I need to re-curl her hair, but I love her. And that's a budget basic reboot Draculaura on a Bunny Blanc body with Skull Shores Five-Pack hands, because: Draculaura should be short (she looks taller than Twyla here, though), Bunny's hands were black (but classic MH hands fit EAH wrists), and somehow reboot Draculaura looks more like Draculaura than the classic dolls do. Sure, they're sometimes super-pretty, your average Chinese classic Draculaura is gorgeous, but they don't look like the character. It's weird. And yes, Clawd is very tall and very broad, he's on a Ken body (the hand swap is a little delicate and involved cutting things), and although I can't let out his classic clothes enough to fit, I really like him this way. Someday I'm rooting all his hair and his whiskers, though. That's a thing that's happening. Up behind Clawd is a sliver of Rochelle, my first MH doll, handily illustrating why I really need to rebuild my risers. They'd be fine if all my dolls were the same height-- but they're not.

And we're back to Gil! I thiiiiiink he's still Dance Class Gil, though I've had Game Night, Wheel Love, and Shriek Wrecked Gils in my hands. (My kingdom for a mask that both fits Gil's head AND doesn't have an eye patch painted on.) That's Picture Day Lagoona, and I actually really like her outfit? It's her Scaris dress, signature necklace (which got knocked crooked, I just noticed), earrings, and flower, Wheel Love bracelets, I want to say Picture Day belt but I won't swear to that, and Monster Exchange jacket. (And basic fashion pack shoes and bag, out of frame or obscured by Finnegan.) It's sort of tonally similar to her Signature look, only gussied up a little. And Finnegan! I do like Finn, I loved his episode, and he's a great doll. He's down in front instead of on an upper tier because I've got five inches to work with up front, and my risers are three inches wide. That's JUST enough space for Finn's wheelchair... but if he rolls off the front, he hits the floor. If he rolls off a shelf, he causes an avalanche. (Also my nephew likes to steal him.)

These guys didn't get good shots in any other pic. So. Jane, I'm still not in love with, but I do love painting her accessories. And I kind of love her mouth. And her non-canonically gay science dads. Jinafire was tricky to dress for summer, so she's in her Scaremester shirt (with black Fierce Rockers miniskirt, threading her tail through both was fun) and Swim Class sunglasses and jewelry. I love how you can JUST see her eyes through those ominous pink lenses, and I love how the gaudy gold and black frames I painted look subtle when Jin's actually wearing them. And that's Swim Class Holt in Signature clothes (well, he's also wearing metallic Barbie pants. ... Actually I should change Holt's clothes, he's been in that outfit forever). Someday, someone will write the headcanon or fanfic or meta or draw the fan art or make the custom outfit that wins me over for Holt, but that day has not yet happened. And hey, Slo Mo! Disembody Council version. Sure, he's not goofy enough, but I love him anyway. Mo is one of the boys I'd definitely upgrade to a Reboot body, if they ever reboot him. (Heath is a maybe, he's a runner, he should look fast, and I'm more likely to get a Reboot Abbey and try a real mod-- and make her thighs longer so she's tall.)

Sirena is on the wall (and I swear she's wearing a shirt, it's just a Bratz crop top for summer so it's not obvious under her ruffle) because a) she looks great up there, even if she isn't in the best focus, and b) it saves space. Sure, her fin makes her take up less front-to-back space than your average MH stand, but WAY more side-to-side space. But I love this ridiculous dead fish. I had to re-curl her hair at one point, so I was searching for pictures showing what her hairstyle is, or is supposed to be, and I learned that it looks like Sirena started doing one hairstyle, forgot what she was doing, and started a different hairstyle in a different spot-- at least three times.

My brother's girlfriend saw Sirena when they were up visiting for Christmas the year I got her (she was a gift) and said that she was gorgeous and looked like how mermaids should look. Which is a pretty good compliment from someone who doesn't collect Monster High.

I should swap out or redress my Spectra, Haunt the Casbah Spectra has been up on the wall for a WHILE and she looks bored. I actually like that the original Spectras, like all Ghoulias so far, had kanekalon hair instead of saran-- it was a neat detail that the ghost and zombie characters shared, it made it like a Dead Girls thing. (Original Venuses have kanekalon hair, too, because unlike saran it's biodegradeable.) HTC Spectra here has shiny saran hair.

And that's literally everyone. There are upcoming dolls I intend to get-- the Monster Family line in particular and basically entirely-- but like my handful of CAMs, I don't know where I'll PUT them. My risers are holding up more dolls than they were designed for, I've got ghosts stuck to the wall, people are getting upstaged, it's chaos. I may need to move the Tonner dolls off the dresser and take advantage of the display space in the Dead-Luxe high school. Which I still haven't taken out of the box. Because I don't have anywhere to put it. Just like the original High School playset. I have literally enough dolls to expand the Froggy Stuff theatre tutorial and set up a dolly assembly announcing Hexiciah Steam's return to the Monster World-- but I don't have anywhere to put it.

Date: 2017-06-15 06:15 pm (UTC)
harpers_child: melaka fray reading from "Tales of the Slayers". (Default)
From: [personal profile] harpers_child
Ok, but how do you fix glue head? I've tried cornstarch, dawn, laundry detergent (liquid), tea tree soap, and am back trying cornstarch again. And a bunch of things that did nothing.

Also? Super jelly of your collection and your display. It looks awesome. My dolls live in storage boxes and come out briefly for play. I'm hoping to get a room box setup on some shelves at some point this year.


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