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Great Scarrier Reef Ghoulfish Frankie

Dance the Fright Away Abbey (would accept outfit only)

Monster Family Vampire Kitchen Dracula (I will get this. I may keep the whole playset, but I WILL have Hot Nerd Dadcula)
Monster Family Barker & Weredith Wolf
Monster Family Ebbie Blue
Monster Family Alivia Stein
Monster Family Pharrah de Nile
Monster Family Lux & Sandy de Nile (from the three-pack, I have Sandy with high chair)
Monster Family Howleen Wolf (her dress is cute, I want her head, Reboot Cushion is terrifying)

Secret Creepers Sweet Fang

Everything But The Doll(s):

I Heart Fashion Cleo (I know, I know)

Coffin Bean Frankie

Geek Shriek Abbey (would accept shoes only)

Haunted/Getting Ghostly Rochelle (would, at this point, accept English diary only)

Boo York Costco Exclusive Out-of-Tombers 3-Pack Catty Noir (no opinion on Draculaura & Clawdeen)

Scarnival Draculaura

Budget Sleep Wear Clawdeen
Budget Sleep Wear Frankie
Budget Sleep Wear Draculaura

Reboot Budget Frankie
Reboot Budget Clawdeen
Reboot Budget Cleo

Welcome to Monster High/First Day of School Draculaura (may want doll too)
Welcome to Monster High/First Day of School Frankie
Welcome to Monster High/First Day of School Cleo
Welcome to Monster High/First Day of School Clawdeen
Welcome to Monster High/First Day of School Lagoona

Dance the Fright Away Frankie

Shriek Wrecked Lagoona (would accept ship's wheel fascinator only)
(Any Shriek Wrecked anything that would also look cute on Vandala, I want)

Ghoul's Pet Beastie Frankie & Construct Bear
Ghoul's Pet Beastie Draculaura & Purse Poodle
Ghoul's Pet Beastie Clawdeen with Pet Salon & Wolf Puppy
On all GPB, would accept just pet & pet accessories

Music Class Cleo
Music Class Ari

Casketball Champ Venus
Skulltimate Locker Room Frankie playset

Fashion Packs:

Terribly Trendy (Frankie 2, blue dress, yellow sig purse)
Ghoul Glam (Draculaura 1, pink damask dress, blue Maul shoes)
Spooky Sweet (Clawdeen 1, purple dress, lime Deadfast sneakers)
Creepy Cute (Lagoona 1, aqua dress with pink panel, pink Mad Science wedges)
Girly Ghoul (Spectra/Ari 1, one-shoulder dress with blue chain necklace)
Spooky Splatters (Draculaura 2, paintball dress with blue Cupid shoes)
Shriek Chic (Cleo 1, yellow wrap dress with red Nefera purse)

Roller skating Accessory Set for Draculaura
Movie accessory set for Frankie

All the reboot fashion packs, really; there are some two-packs and single pieces coming and I want them, too.

Nude Dolls

Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire (kinda)


Cleo's Vanity (must have all accessories/jewelry)

I would accept a good trade for anything except the original folding High School playset, the Dead-luxe High School Playset, Draculaura's bed, Abbey's bed, Ghoulia's scooter, and the Home Ick fridge (everything else from the Home Ick playset is fair game).

Bits And Bobs:

Signature Lagoona's bracelet and purse/fishbowl (would accept 13 Wishes fishbowl)
Signature Toralei Sweet Fang's Scarf (just Sweet Fang's)
Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta's everything but the doll, shoes, bow, & dress
Gloom Beach Ghoulia's cover up, purse, & earrings
Skull Shores Gil necklace only
Sweet 1600 Clawd's necklace box only (got necklace, would accept and then paint a duplicate necklace)
Anyone's SKRM skates so I can make a pair for Rochelle
Swim Class Draculaura's bag & sunblock (would accept bag only)
Frights, Camera, Action Operetta's shoes only (mine came badly molded)
Student Disembody Council Cleo's dress only
Geek Shriek Frankie's dress only (would accept shoes too)
Geek Shriek Gigi's shoes only (would accept whole outfit)
Wheeling Werecats rompers, helmets, and Meowlody's pink purse only; would accept drinks and scooter, or just the front flap of Meowlody's purse

Cleo's Maul Fashion Pack perfume bottle only (got the jar; would also accept bag)
Draculaura's Journalism Club fashion pack hat only (got the rest, can trade you shoes for it)

Any Fearleading uniforms and shoes (Werecat trio or Ghoul Spirit Fearleading pack)
Any Ghouls Night Out iCoffins, any color
Any Ghoul Spirit or Fearleading pennants, pompoms, or foam fingers
Any Creepateria trays, food, or drinks (from dolls or playset)
Any food accessories from any playset (Coffin Bean, Scaris Cafe, Creepateria, Die-ner, Premier Party, Catacombs et cetera)
Any hexagonal laptop(s) (School's Out Frankie, 13 Wishes Spectra's Party Room, Student Lounge, Catacombs Playset)

Wouldn't Turn Down A Good Sale Or Trade:
(I have no particular burning desire for these, but I don't have them and could easily be talked into them for the right price or swap. OUTFIT ONLY unless otherwise noted.)

Spectra Vondergeist
Maul Fashion Pack

Venus McFlytrap
Coffin Bean (must have infuser, viney doodad being infused, and silver lid)
Gloom & Bloom (must have diary)

Catrine De Mew
Ghoul Chat
Fangtastic Fitness

Treesa Thornwillow
Signature/Garden Ghouls

Diaries & Doll Logs:
(I want ALL the diaries. This is all off them to my knowledge; the ones I have are in standard font, the ones I need are in bold. Struck text is a diary I have purchased, but isn't quite here yet. I have doubles of a lot of diaries and will happily trade 2:1 for the easy-to-find stuff or whole stacks for Frankie's SDCC diary or Haunted Rochelle's (in English all the way through, I am sadly monolingual). Check my eBay store for what doubled diaries I currently have.

Frankie Stein
Signature, 2010 SDCC Black & White, School's Out, Classroom/Home Ick, Scary Tales Threaderella Storybook, Scaris Trip Diary, Voltageous Comic Book, Picture Day Fearbook, Sweet Screams,
Signature, Campus Stroll/Forbitten Love, Scary Tales Snow Bite Storybook, Picture Day Fearbook, Art Class Sketchbook, Sweet Screams, Monster Exchange Shibooya, Deluxe Draculaura
Clawdeen Wolf
Signature, School's Out, Scary Tales Little Dead Ridinghood, Scaris Sketchbook, Wonder Wolf Comic Book, New Scaremester, Ghoul Sports Baseball
Lagoona Blue
Signature, School's Out, Classroom/Mad Science, Picture Day Fearbook, Ghouls' Night Out, 13 Wishes Freshwater, Monster Exchange Madread, Wheel Love two-pack
Cleo de Nile
Signature, School's Out, Picture Day Fearbook, Classroom/Mad Science Two-Pack, Gloom and Bloom, Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple, 2017 Tomb Escape 2-Pack
Deuce Gorgon
Signature, Manster Game Night, Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple
Ghoulia Yelps
Signature, 2011 SDCC Deadfast Fan-Comic, Classroom/Phys Dead, Classroom/Mad Science Two-Pack, Sweet Screams, Love's Not Dead Two-Pack, 2017 Tomb Escape 2-Pack (would like a second one for filing purposes)
Holt Hyde
Jackson Jekyll
Spectra Vondergeist
Signature, Picture Day Fearbook, Polterghoul Comic Book, Ghouls' Night Out, Ghoul Sports Tennis
Clawd Wolf
Abbey Bominable
Signature, Picture Day Fearbook, Classroom/Home Ick two-pack, Art Class Sketchbook, Sweet Screams
Toralei Stripe
Signature, Cat-Tastrophe Comic Book, Ghoul Sports Soccer, Fierce Rockers
Gil Webber
Manster Game Night, Wheel Love two-pack
CA Cupid
Signature/Sweet 1600; EAH Signature, EAH Thronecoming
Signature, Picture Day Fearbook, Frights Camera Action
Nefera de Nile
Howleen Wolf
Signature/Sister Pack, 13 Wishes
Signature, Zombie Shake (doubles on both, one for each twin)
Rochelle Goyle
Signature, Scaris Trip Scrapbook, Ghouls' Night Out, Zombie Shake two-pack, Haunted
Robecca Steam
Signature, Art Class, SDCC 2016 Two-Pack
Venus McFlytrap
Signature, Zombie Shake two-pack, Gloom and Bloom
Scarah Screams
Signature/2012 SDCC Two-Pack
Hoodude Voodoo
Signature/2012 SDCC Two-Pack
Skelita Calaveras
Signature/Scaris Sketchbook, Art Class, Collector's Edition
Jinafire Long
Signature/Scaris Sketchbook, New Scaremester, Gloom & Bloom
Catrine de Mew
Scaris Sketchbook, New Scaremester, Gloom & Bloom
Twyla Boogieman
Signature/13 Wishes, New Scaremester
Gigi Grant
Signature/13 Wishes, New scaremester
Headless Headmistress Nora Bloodgood
None available
Heath Burns
Classroom/Home Ick two-pack
Wydowna Spider
Signature/2013 SDCC, 2013 Weberella Comic Book
Catty Noir
Signature/10-13-13, New Scaremester, Fierce Rockers
Jane Boolittle
Signature, Gloom And Bloom
Clawdia Wolf
Signature/Frights Camera Action
Honey Swamp
Signature/Frights Camera Action
Signature/Frights Camera Action
Viperine Gorgon
Signature/Frights Camera Action
Slo-Mo Mortavitch
Love's Not Dead Two-Pack
Neighthan Rot
Signature/Freaky Fusion
Avea Trotter
Signature/Freaky Fusion
Bonita Femur
Signature/Freaky Fusion
Sirena Von Boo
Signature/Freaky Fusion
New Scaremester
Gilda Goldstag
None available
Casta Fierce
Manny Taur
Signature/2014 SDCC
Iris Clops
Signature/2014 SDCC
Lorna McNessie
Signature/Monster Exchange Rotland
Marisol Coxi
Signature/Monster Exchange Monster Picchu
Garrott du Roque
Love in Scaris/Scarisian Vacation
River Styxx
Signature/Student Spirits
Vandala Doubloons
Signature/Student Spirits
Kiyomi Haunterly
Signature/Student Spirits
Porter Geiss
Signature/Student Spirits
Amanita Nightshade
Signature/Gloom & Bloom
Luna Mothews
Gala Ghoulfriends
Mouscedes King
Gala Ghoulfriends
Elle Eedee
Gala Ghoulfriends
Boo York Playset
Gooliope Jellington
Signature/Freak du Chic
Kieran Valentine
Signature/2015 SDCC Villain Two-Pack
Whisp Grant
Signature/2015 SDCC Villain Two-Pack
Finnegan Wake
Batsy Claro
Signature/Brand Boo Students
Isi Dawndancer
Signature/Brand Boo Students
Kjersti Trollson
Signature/Brand Boo Students
Kala Mer'ri
Signature/Great Scarrier Reef
Peri & Pearl Serpentine
Signature/Great Scarrier Reef
Posea Reef
Signature/Great Scarrier Reef
Hexiciah Steam
SDCC 2016 Two-Pack/Signature

Signature/Freaky Fusion
Signature/Freaky Fusion
Signature/Freaky Fusion
Signature/Freaky Fusion

The following post-reboot characters do not have any diaries as of this writing (June 2017):

Moanica D'Kay
Ari Hauntington
Dayna Jones
Silvi Timberwolf
Treesa Thornwillow
Ebbie Blue
Kelpie Blue
Barker Wolf
Weredith Wolf
Pawla Wolf
Alivia Stein
Lux de Nile
Pharrah de Nile
Sandy de Nile
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