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Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories (Jinafire Long Edition)

And because I have enough of her stuff for a whole post all to herself, Jinafire.

Swim Class/Creepy Coast/Make a Splash-- whatever you call that line. This one was actually trickier than the rest of Jin's stuff. Every MH character has a pretty consistent palette, and Jin's is usually tomato-reds, rich gold, jade green, and gloss black with the occasional bit of royal purple, but her poolside getup throws everything for a loop by saying "You know what? ALL THE HOT PINK."

Her bag is a recast of her New Scaremester bag, and I actually think I did a better job on it than the NS original (later in the post). The purple could've been thicker in places, but because of the angle of my window and the sun, it IS slightly backlit-- and I didn't want to lose the details.

Her shoes are Scaris recasts, and I was tempted to just make everything gold, but that would've taken eight million coats. Sure, the purple still took more coats than Cruella de Vil's fur storage, but I think they managed to turn out fairly rich-looking for it.

Sunglasses from the front...

... And side. And the funny thing about these is that while they look hilariously loud on the paper towel, on Jinafire, with her gold skin, the focus is on the lenses and thus the eyes you can just-barely see behind them. Jinafire's a tricky doll to paint for-- I tend to look at her accessories and immediately think "Gold trim!" before thinking "Jin's skin is gold, gold trim will blend right in."

New Scaremester! I wish every doll had a New Scaremester (slash-Campus-Stroll) release-- a nice, non-themed outfit that helps solidify their style more than their signature (or in some cases, special event) outfit.

I somehow did not get a shot of Jinafire's NS bag solo. But here's her binder-- the dragon was already gold, I just dry-brushed the scales in red metallic, dry-brushed the dragon in gold, and painted the... fuzzy bits in metallic green. And did the border in black.

Why do I keep painting the skullettes, they're so hard, I don't even. I also managed to break the clasp of Jin's binder, hence the clear rubber band.

Shoes! I love Jinafire's shoes, they're so cool. Yes, there is a red speck on the male lion's shoe, I'm 99% positive it transferred from Jin's NS pants. I got wise after taking the pics and now all her painted accessories are in tiny baggies.

Scaris suitcase! I do not have any more 'suite' shots for Jin's stuff. And I feel like I should've painted the dragon gold, but? I also really kind of like the 'carved cinnabar' look I got here.

Scaris shoes! Really these were mostly a touch-up job. Light wash and dry brush on the ribbons and tassel, gold on the coins, and gold shading on the soles.

If you want to start painting MH accessories, Gloom and Bloom is a good line to start with. Everything takes washes and dry-brushing really well, there are LOTS of pieces to work with, and the diaries come with "Jinafire's" sketches and renderings of what the colors should look like.

All of Jinafire's purses are fan-shaped, though.

Okay, these were tricky to paint. The wipe wanted to wipe TOO cleanly on everything but the dragons, the gold on the trim didn't want to stay put and tried to bead up, and I thought it'd be a great idea to paint the dragons' eyes gold. But they were worth it, they're super-cute.

Anklets in the back, hair ornament in the front. The centers of the actual flowers on the anklets aren't gold, just yellow. The black details got gentle dry-brushing in brown (the sticks), green (the leaves), and gray (the tassels), so they don't look like flat black blobs anymore.

Jewelry! Also marks the point where I realized I had all of Jin's jewelry in a little box, and spread it out. (Well, jewelry and gardening tools.)

The jade bracelet is New Scaremester and not painted. The dragon is Gloom & Bloom, dry-brushed with gray, detailed in gold, and coated in either gloss or satin sealer.

Scars earrings are done just like the tassels on the Scaris shoes. It's a TINY amount of paint but it helps a lot in person.

At least one of those bracelets belongs to Gloom & Bloom, but neither is painted and we're looking at the earrings, which are definitely Gloom & Bloom. Super-simple dry brushing in gray, followed by sealer, but again, it adds a lot.

New Scaremester earrings! I had to google for those lanterns to figure out which colors to paint which bits. Wipe in dark red, dry brush in light red, then details in gold and black before sealing. Black got gloss, the rest got something less shiny.

Jinafire's Gloom & Bloom gardening tools were done with a base coat of metallic emerald, then a dry-brushing in metallic jade. These are the clippers...

... And this is the trowel. Really, I just want to show off two things here: my jade paint (metallic emerald mixed with a bright gold), and exactly what Super Macro Mode is capable of capturing. These are photographed on the 'wrong' side of a paper towel (the side with less quilting detail), and the average MH earring post is somewhere in the neighborhood of two millimeters (around a sixteenth of an inch). But Super Macro Mode lets me get so close you can not only see the flaws in my brushstrokes but the individual metallic flakes in the paint.