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Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories

I got bored and resized a bunch of pictures. Pictures of what? Pictures of Monster High accessories I've repainted, that's what.

And okay, not all the pictures are of the best quality, because usually when I take pictures of accessories I've painted, I'm snapping them real quick as proof I Did The Thing. But here's Jane, with literally all her accessories painted!

My pic of the other side came out hella blurry but I like the lighting on this one.

THIS BELT GAVE ME SO MANY ISSUES. I tried to stay in the spirit of the original while breaking up the navy blue lump. Which I may have overdone in an effort to make sure all the feathers were the same color.

See? All the feathers. I debated adding more color to the shoes, but I kind of like them with the basic dark wipe/light dry brush combo, honestly.

And while she's not WEARING it, I also painted all of Jane's Gloom and Bloom accessories. Because why wouldn't I?

I hated Neight's hat in his Disneyland pics, so I painted it.

With luck that'll make it more photogenic and less Blob Of Sunshine Yellow.

Nefera's Boo York accessories. I took a pic of Catty's but it was a hasty pic and didn't turn out spectacularly well.

Yes, less spectacularly-well than this one. At least with Draculaura's Black Carpet accessories, you can kinda see what's going on. (One thing that doesn't show is that the purse has had a dry brushing and multiple coats of gloss sealer. It sparkles like an actual beaded bag now!)

Older pics, because Photobucket now loads in order of date taken, not date uploaded, which explains why it's so often such a bitch to find my Sims previews. These are Heath's Ghoul Fair shoes before final touch-ups and sealing. ... I think possibly before I changed my mind about which colors of fire go where, too. Anyway: Heath Shoes.

Ghoulia's Fashion Pack purse, also seen on IHF Iris. Thin coat in white (so some of the original red shows through), SO MANY IRISES AND PUPILS, and eventually I did paint the chain silver and I can't remember if I left the handle red or painted it black.

Frankie's Scaris boots wanted to resist sealer. I painted all the lightning bolts yellow and all the stitches silver. (My darkest silver. I have multiple shades of a bunch of metallics; Frankie gets the steely silver.) The hardest part of the New Scaremester binder wasn't the pink lines but the damned skullette.

The Scaris suitcases are easy to paint. I did everybody's, but only have pictures of three.

Here's Clawdeen's!

And Jinafire's. I didn't do much to her shoes, and this is a WIP shot anyway-- I shaded the gold (multiple shades of gold, I has them), and after this pic was taken I did a careful wash on the ties and tassel and painted the coin at the ankles gold, too.

I've actually painted all of Jinafire's stuff (bar a few bracelets), but I only have pics of Scaris and Gloom & Bloom. Gloom & Bloom accessories have been a blast to paint across the board-- I've done Jinafire, Cleo, and Jane. Amanita's on the to-do list, and I don't have Venus or Catrine.

Lagoona's New Scaremester binder was EASY. Her dance class bag was trickier.

For Skelita's Art Class vase, I followed the pics in her diary instead of getting creative. I kinda like it simple, though. (I did paint her shoes, but after I took this pic.)

I didn't paint anything here, I just want people to know how cute Catty looks in Avea's top hat.

Rochelle's Zombie Shake shoes drove me up the wall. Dry-brushing didn't work, I had to use my finest brush and follow the lines.

Robecca's Art Class boots were my standard setters in a lot of ways-- not the first things I painted, but definitely the first fiddly things I painted. The base boots are blue. The ruffles got painted cream with darker shadowig, the bands are metallic purple, the studs, gears, aglets, and soles are copper, and the laces are black, and it took forever because of all the drying time.

Gil's Dance Class bag also took forever because of drying time, but it was surprisingly easy to paint-- I stayed inside the lines.

I love the Haunted dolls (I don't have Kiyomi, I should work on that), but their accessories have such amazing details that don't really pop without paint. River's staff and...

... Belt got a metallic purple wipe and pearlize-medium dry brush.

Her shoe chains got the same treatment, and her shoes got studs and heels in pearl and a coat of gloss so they went REALLY clear. (Gloss varnish makes jelly accessories look glassy.)

For Vandala's leg, I tried to stay on-model from the movie, hence coral beads instead of pearl.

Yes, it was really hard to wash/wipe and dry-brush and still keep the translucent effect.

Her shoe just got more gold, following from the gold that was already partly painted, and a gloss coat.

I may re-do her hat ornament someday, though. There's bits I like and bits I don't. (Her chain apron thingy just got a wipe-and-dry-brush.)

Vandala's purse is ridiculous. Maybe it's a melee weapon disguised as a purse. ANYway, I attacked the green with slightly-blobbed-on copper and tried to give some dimension to the seaweed. I still don't use it, but at least I like it now! (Vandala is one of my favorites. Not only is she disabled AND a pirate AND a GIRL pirate CAPTAIN, her diary repeatedly notes how pretty she thinks other girls are. Disabled lesbian pirate captain ghost girl!)

Now we start to get really old. Toralei's Ghoul Sports bag was a blob of neon hot pink. I gave it a dark wash in regular hot pink to try to tone it down, then took on the herculean and slightly stupid task of painting the MH crest in accurate colors. It turned out as well as the sculpt and my skills allowed but OH MAN.

The stripes were easy, the studs time-consuming but not hard, BUT THOSE SKULLETTES why do I bother painting those things they are SO HARD every single time.

The sculpt on Toralei's shin guards is way cuter than you'd think. They're tuxedo cats!

And Catastrophe's boots. Nothing fancy, just a black wipe. I don't know if it made it into this pic or not, but I did tidy up the zippers and the soles. ... And I can't remember if I did the studs in silver. Maybe not, bigger studs are harder, you can't just dab them on.