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Printable: Fold Your Own Dolly Disneyland Map!

If you read my last dolls-at-Disneyland post, then this image should look familiar:

And since I went to all the trouble of making that map, now you can too! Lots of pics behind the cut, but I'm uploading the biggest two as links at the end.

Come on, let's make props!

Okay, you're gonna need:

A color printer (check your ink levels before you start)
White printer paper, standard weight or lighter (this is not a cardstock craft)
Scissors you can use on paper (or an Xacto knife and ruler if you're an Xacto knife sort of person)
A glue stick (optional)

And here we go.

Your Step Zero is to print out the images however you like to do that; I printed from Photoshop but you go on and print from the web or your image viewer or whatever, so long as you're printing at 200 dpi. If you're printing at 72 dpi you're... you're gonna have a big map.

Step one! There are four maps per page, and you're going to want to cut one out sort of roughly. It REALLY doesn't have to be perfectly cut at this point, because the image itself isn't perfect. You'll make it perfect with folding and trimming, so for now just... whack one out of the paper.

And... yeah, the map in the directions is different than the map Gigi's holding up above. You'll get options, don't worry. I cobbled a bunch of stuff together.

The seam between the map cover and the map itself is where you need to actually be sharp. Fold this line nice and straight, keeping the divide between inside and outside as crisp as possible.

Now trim the edges of your map. They won't be perfect unless you glue at this stage (I don't, I glue later), but we can get to 'perfect' later, don't sweat it. Just cut nice and steady and as straight as you can.

So here's your outside/cover/info area of the map...

And here's your inside/map part. Now, onto the more complicated folding.

Well, not that complicated. There are five panels on the back of your map, the to-see section (red), the Photopass ad on the back cover, the front cover, the park rules (yellow), and the map legend (blue). Your first articulation fold is between the front and back covers, as shown above.

Now fold between the to-see section and the back cover. The to-see section folds inward over the map on the inside.

The park rules section is the next to fold in over the map, just like the to-see panel.

And then the map legend folds outward, facing the park rules. It's going to go together like a book, sort of, but a book with pages that nest instead of turn. But at this point, you're actually done folding!

If you hold onto your map by the Legend panel, you should get something like this. You can sort of see from this angle how the rules and legend should fold in first, then the to-see panel over them, then the whole thing into a lean pamphlet shape.

Again, you could glue at this point, if you're going to, but personally I like to wait. Yes, still.

Check out your map with those accurate fold lines!

The park rules and map legend fold in first; the fold between those pages and the front covers should line up as perfectly as you can get it.

The to-see section folds in over the map legend. If there's not enough room, trim a little off the raw edge of the map legend with your scissors.

The front and back covers should fold over the to-see section; again, if they don't, trim a little off the to-see panel until they close properly.

This is when I glue; when my folds are as perfect as I can get them and everything fits together properly. The glue helps me get my creases super-sharp.

And okay, yes, parts of this map are slightly out of date. I took front and back photos of a Season of the Force map my sister had hanging around (you can see Artoo, a Rebel pilot, and Darth Vader in the to-see section), used photoshop to try to make them square-er (without the Warp tool, go me), googled for current map covers, used the Elliot float from the Main Street Electrical Parade and shopped that in there before I found out the cover when I was going to be there was Mickey in Fantasmic, shopped that in there, instead, and here we are. The train route is a little inaccurate, but you really have to know Disneyland to be able to spot that on a map that's less than four inches wide.

I mean, when Star Wars Land opens, obviously I'm going to have to go again so I can get a new interior map...


Each panel of this map should print out at about 3/4s of an inch wide, and the actual real-life maps are four inches wide. Therefore it's a little bit larger than 1:6 scale, but Monster High dolls have 1:6 hands and 1:4 heads, and it's a prop meant to be photographed, so whatever. It will work fine with any fashion doll with exaggerated proportions (such as MH, Hasbro Disney dolls, Bratz, MC2, Liv, Moxie Girls, Blythe, Pullip) and should look okay with 1:4 dolls (lots of Tonner dolls including Tyler, some BJDs, I'd say Gene but this is not a vintage map, defintely dolls like the younger Marley Wentworth and Riley Kish), but it might be a touch iffy with Barbie if you're a stickler for Perfect Scale. (Perfect 1:6 scale would have each map be 84mm wide, while perfect 1:4 scale would want a five-inch-wide map.)

I might make a non-event map if I run across a generic cover image, but I admit right now the Main Street Electrical Parade and Fantasmic options do my 90s Kid heart good. Feel free to google around for past or present covers and paste in whatever best pleases you for your photoshoot.

Or cover them in packing tape and make earrings, you do you.


Electrical Parade Elliot and Fantasmic Sorcerer Mickey

Fantsmic Sorcerer Mickey Only

Hosted on Photobucket, so the best way to save is to click the link, then click the magnifying glass icon for full size, then right click and View Image. From there, save as you please.