Almighty Hat ([personal profile] hat_plays_dolls) wrote2017-07-28 06:26 am

Picspam: Clear But Lazy Pics of Reboot Cleo's Bandages

Exactly what it says on the tin, really.

Because I love the idea of Cleo having molded-on bandages, but the execution-- having them all the same color as her skin-- leaves something to be desired.

So because apparently a doll isn't Mine until I've messed with it somehow, I grabbed my paints and attacked poor Reboot Cleo.

Super-basic before-and-after, that's Ghoul's Beast Pet (Pet Beast? I get those wrong every time) Cleo on the left, unpainted, and the body of Dance the Fright Away Cleo on the right, doin' a HHM Bloodgood impression. I used acrylics straight from the bottle, as is my wont, did a wash-and-wipe in a dusty brown darker than Cleo's skin, dry-brushing in a creamy color, and then just sort of scrubbing a thin, thin coat of metallic gold, because Cleo. Sealed with my artist's matte sealer.

And yeah, I expect to see a little wear on the shoulder. Most of the joints don't rub, and because of the sculpting the shoulder isn't as bad as I expected, but this is where I expect to see issues.

Close up on the chest! This was actually a fairly quick project, although that was partly because I had other quick projects to work on during drying time.

Torsos! GPB Cleo is Indonesian, DTFA is Chinese, and the slight differences in plastic colors are still going on. I actually really like the reboot body for Cleo, shapewise, because it differentiates her from Nefera that much more-- to the point where I might try to source a Briar or Ashlynn EAH body for when I don't want Cleo wearing bandages head to toe.

Back! And front. It's a great sculpt, lots of detail, and all of it holds paint really well. Just remember to wash it really well first in a de-greasing soap like Dawn, because paint doesn't stick to mold release.

Even if I did kind of half-ass the origin plate. Seriously this could be a LOT smaller.

Arms! And an ominous shadow which is probably my hand and/or camera.

Legs! And a very clear shot of the color differences. I'm not Reboot Negative, I'm sort of Reboot Chaotic Neutral, but let me tell you internets I wish Mattel would reboot the Quality Control department at their Indonesia factory.

And the only shot I currently have of Cleo fully dressed and assembled on her new body, fetchingly draped against her boyfriend, who is also on his new body.

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