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Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories

Okay, this is the last of the accessories I've painted up for now-- I need my Paintin' Desk for other things until at least mid-September.

Ghoul Fair Skelita's luchadore toss-game pieces and pinata prize, which may be a purse. These were all solid-color plastic. The luchadores got their hair washed and dry-brushed in shading colors and masks in contrast, while the pinata-- okay, the only bit of the pinata that's still the original color is the handle. Everything else got painted in careful, fiddly, multiple-coat-needing rows, then dry-brushed in lighter shades for dimension.

And Skelita's Ghoul Fair shoes! These are the same mold as her Scaris/signature shoes, but instead of painting the wedges a contrast color I just did a wash and dry brush. The floral detailing on the wedges doesn't show up quite as well as the skeletal weaving of the straps on camera, but in person they show up nicely.

After Christmas, I got the Bratz exchange student Baja or Bust Raya set specifically to steal all Raya's stuff for Skelita. ... Well, okay, Mouscedes made off with the pink satin jacket. Still. This is the stuff that needed paint.

The headband was originally silver with hot pink flowers. I painted the band black, because Skelita doesn't have a 'metal' defined (yet?), and the flowers in shades of yellow-gold.

I tried to model the cactus flowers after Yes! flowers. The cactus was tricky because it was neon green with solid yellow flowers. I went for a softer sage green with a lot of dry-brushing to get a 'waxy' look, painted the dirt sandy, covered the bits where the pot wasn't painted with 'escaping dirt,' and I'm overall very pleased! Plants are nice to repaint.

The sugar-skull belt buckle was simple, it just needed some delicate dry-brushing in white.

The necklace, however, was an ultramarine blue, which I did not like. So I painted it black, then dry-brushed it in sky blue for turquoise! The balls on the end are silver for that southwestern look. This will probably go to Skelita, but I'm tempted to give it to Isi, less because of the Southwestern thing (which... isn't a thing, for the deer spirit), but because turqouise would probably look great with her skintone.

I should've waited to get this Jinafire-- she's on clearance at Target now. But gosh this stuff painted up nice! I painted the woodgrained areas brown (with two shades of dry-brushing, very thin so some of the warmth of the red still comes through), washed and dry brushed the flames (fur? Feathers? I dunno) to give it some volume, painted the Tiki faces white, and did all the beads in a purple to match the earrings. Bamboo got a wash in a warm brown and a dry brush in pale cream, and the flames on Jin's skirt and headband got painted in yellow golds. I was tempted to try to do natural-looking flames, but...

I'm never going to use that 'apron' with anything but this dress, and I think the yellow looks really good with it.

Headshot! I tried to follow the Skull Shores rule for the Tiki faces (is it better or worse that because of the wood, I want to spell that Teaki?), although Jin's accessory-faces have Angry Eyes.

And profile shot. I really like how this stuff turned out. Although frankly the headband looks like a crown to me, more so than on the other Ghouls Getaway dolls. She kind of looks like And Then They Made Me Their Chief Jinafire.

This is another case of 'I didn't realize how much of the base color I was painting over' because I could still see the red insole. On the other hand, I really like it this way-- the paint may chip eventually because the strap across the instep is so tight, but that's why I've got a drawer full of paint-- the better to fix it with eventually.

I had a spare pair of Scaris sunglasses for Deuce, which meant obviously I needed to paint them. Two shades of silver-- thin on the flat areas, and a paler, thicker silver that didn't want to lay down evenly (but looks cool anyway) on the raised scales. The shoes are just a pair of off-white Ken sneakers (that fit MH boys, I checked) that got a wash and a dry-brushing and now belong to Deuce, as they should.

I had TWO extra pairs of Cleo's Gloom Beach shoes-- one's still in my backstock waiting for another fun idea, but these, I painted. Gold "mortar" between the bricks and as a band for the 'ring, and the jewel painted in a pale mint for some contrast.

They look really cute on the doll, I'm pleased with how they turned out. Simple paint job, although the mortaring took two coats.

Meowlody's stuff on the left, Purrsephone's on the right. This is basically a study in wash, dry-brush, and stud-- all the red (cherry AND tomato red) accessories got washes and dry-brushings in appropriate colors, all the studs (and Purrsephone's buckles) got picked out in bright silver, and Meowlody's bows, Purrsephone's laces and eyelets, and all the straps on both sets of boots got a dry-brushing in a medium gray.

This one is over-lit, but it shows very clearly how and where I dry-brushed the gray. What it does is...

Makes it so no matter your lighting...

The sculpted-on details don't just vanish into blobs of black.

Also I'm really pleased with how Purrsephone's laces and eyelets turned out. Those eyelets were fiddly. I considered painting them silver, but I think that would've made her boots off-balance with Meowlody's.

A spate of Frankie Stein stuff! Gloom Beach shoes -- I know, those look like regular Gloom Beach shoes, all I did was repaint a sloppy pair neatly, which took about six coats of yellow paint-- a spool of thread from Home Ick Frankie given red thread and a silver needle instead of both being teal, Budget Frankie's red shoes given black stripes and detailing, and tie necklace given shading and a metallic-black chain, and Gloom Beach Frankie's sunglasses given steel-silver frames-- and backing on the earpieces, because I liked the blue and didn't want to lose that little lightning bolt cutout to silver.

Pink accessories! Please forgive the black cat hair, Penelope likes my photo backdrop. Really Penelope likes anything I'm paying more attention to than she's getting. Ahem. A spare pair of I Heart Fashion Scarah sunglasses painted baby pink instead of white, so Scarah has some more options, a spare pair of Draculaura's Dawn of the Dance earrings given silver beads for contrast and a coat of satin sealer for shine, and I do not know where that pink clear necklace came from, but it fits MH dolls so I gave it a coat of gloss.

Goldtone town! Bratz Raya Baja or Bust earrings taken from warm tan to rich gold, Draculaura's Skull Shores bracelet taken from hot pink to bright gold (for Vandala!), Bratz Chloe ... some party line, I forget the name, shiny stuff.. bright yellow necklace taken to a cool goldtone, and an Egyptian amulet from the MH Catacombs parts bag available on Mattel's parts site taken from bright yellow to old gold/warm brass using two shades of gold paint.

A spare set of Rochelle's signature jewelry-- well, necklace and bracelet-- with the "rot" iron brought out in that almost-teal that coordinates with Rochelle's Zombie Shake purse (and the shoes I painted).

Operetta's fashion pack purse with black paint, the original purple showing through on the pips. This bag does not want to hold paint. And her Scaritage mask and earring with a wash and dry brush that don't reeeeaally show up on camera, except that if you can see the detail at all, you can tell they've been washed, at least-- that shade of red doesn't photograph well.

Red headbands! A spare Ghoulia Comic Club Fashion Pack headband with the brain (or guts but probably brain) pattern picked out in deep red and a custom-mixed color I'd either call melon or 'lightish red.' Elissabat's Ghoulebrities in Londoom headband got the same treatment-- wish I'd gotten that done before taking her to Disneyland.

Clawdia's Pack of Trouble shoes! These gave me grief, sort of-- not that the black edging and gold spikes were hard to paint, but my instinct was to paint them up as spectators or saddle shoes, but they're not divided into three sections but four. So I left the body of the shoe the original color and just did the details.

This probably-Liv bag came to me in a lot, and its saddle-shape meant it belongs to Avea now. Alas, it was all brown, and Avea's accessories are black-- I didn't want to paint the whole thing black, so I did the edges, and carefully painted all the hardware bright silver.

Technically, these are Jackson's Gloom Beach flip-flops... but I painted the strap orange (and tidied up the skulls in white) and now they are Heath's. Someday, I'm making a Scaris Heath outfit. Someday!