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Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories (Honey and Robecca Edition)

Honey Swamp and Robecca Steam's Gore-Geous Accessories dolls are just delightful, but I just can't leave well enough alone with most accessories, so... well, I painted them.

Here's Honey! First of all, I love this doll, I'm going to have to keep her head (I save heads instead of whole dolls, for space reasons, and just clip the barbs on the body's neck knob so's I can swap 'em out), she's adorable. If you like Honey Swamp but were put off by the original's purple lips or Freak du Chic's elaborate makeup, Gore-Geous Accessories Honey is a great choice.

Honey with purses. One with a gator face, the other with... moss? Vines? Fur? Curly stringy bits, pearls, and roses.

The gator face shows up clearest in this WIP shot-- careful wash in soft green, dry brushing in cream, then eyes in metallic green and teeth painted in antique white, cream, and white. The whole thing was the flat yellow of the handle before, except the pupils, smile, and teeth-- those were black.

My camera decided to focus on the pink strap (painted deep pink, then two strengths of dry-brushing) instead of the gator face on the finished purse, though. The gator face was finished with satin sealer, and the handle with craft matte (which isn't totally matte, but as the bag is hard plastic, it's still pretty darned matte).

The moss-and-roses purse got a wash in a deep teal and a dry brushing in a lighter teal for depth, the roses were painted in three shades of purple (the same pallette as Amanita Nightshade) to make their petals and faces pop, and because FCA Honey has pearl stud earrings and a pearl bracelet, I went with pearls for the handle. Like four coats of pearl paint. Yes, yes I have learned a little lesson about using a base coat with a light metallic color, why do you ask? I think I finished everything with matte craft sealer except the handles, which are satin.

The shoes are still my favorites.

Wash in dark purple and dry-brushed in pale lavender, then with white pearly paint on the buckles. These do not look like monster shoes, they look like fairy tale princess shoes. The shoes themselves were finished with my artist-quality matte sealer, to keep them actually-matte, while the pearls got a touch of satin sealer for sheen.

And that's it for Gore-Geous Honey.

Time for Robecca! She's a very pretty doll, unusual for Robecca in that she has totally blue (well, blue and purple, no black) hair, in kanekalon instead of saran, and lips that would be very subtle and nude if not for the coat of holographic gold glitter. (She's for sale nude if you like her!)

One of the things I like about Robecca is that the detail on her accessories always lends itself to moderately-easy painting-- it's not easy to get it all on there neatly, but the sculpt is a great guide. Her clock purse was finished with satin sealer.

Also, I love that you can use basically any warm-toned metallic paint on Robecca's stuff and it comes out beautifully coordinated. I'm pretty sure I used satin finish on her chest purse, too; it's a harder plastic so the finish is truer.

This was a challenge; Robecca's pocket watch is sewn to her skirt and I didn't want to clip the stitches. So instead of washing off mold-release with hot water and dish soap (my usual MO. I've learned my lesson; not getting rid of the mold-release means paint beads up, or turns sticky), I used alcohol, and taped the skirt flat so I could add a dark metallic wash, pick out the minute-lines in black, paint the watch hands gold, and build up a big drop of gloss sealer for a watch crystal.

I love doing that. It adds so much to watch faces.

I also love these shoes. I've painted them before, for Dance Class Robecca, but while I tried to stick to the 'assigned' color pallette there, with her Gore-Geous Accessories shoes, there was no factory paint so I just said "... Okay let's go wild."

You can still see the base color in the 'body' of the shoe. Toe and heel caps and 'seams' are done in bright copper, the tubing and bolts are done in metallic purple. I took a cue from Robecca's fashion pack dress for the pale electric blue ruffles, and did the bows in a brighter electric blue. For the gears I basically used every brassy, coppery, or bronze-y color of metallic paint I had.

I'm really pleaed with them.

And for the record, here's a comparison shot of all three Dance Class Mold shoes I have-- that's Gore-Geous on the left, painted Dance Class in the middle, and factory-fresh Dance Class on the right.

GoreGe and Dance Class...

... Dance Class and Dance Class...

... And Dance Class alone. I like how the ruffles came out here-- they work well with the off-white fabrics used on Robecca's Coffin Bean and Gore-Geous outfits-- but I used a glossy purple paint on the toe caps, heels, and bows and it's gone a little sticky. Oh well-- if I get tired of dealing with that, I can always wipe them clean and start over with a flat paint.

All my close-up shots of Robecca's Gore-Geous clock purse are comparison shots with her signature clock purse. Gore-Geous on the left, it's more purple (in person it's an ultraviolet, but that's one of those colors cameras have trouble with), and Signature on the right (royal blue). I facepalmed when I got the two together and realized I'd used the same colors, inverted.

Of course I also painted the backs.

... And the insides. There's detail, why WOULDN'T I paint it? The Gore-Geous purse has a satin finish and more tonal shading, while the Signature purse has a gloss finish, at least on the outside, and black lines between the plates.

The 'chest' purse is the only one of Robecca's accessories to be a new mold (well, besides the watch), and it's a fantastic one.

It's got detail even under the front flap...

... On the right side...

... The back...

... And the left side. And again I got to use like five different colors of paint on here-- dark bronze, two shades of copper, and two shades of brass.

And this, for the record, is almost every Robecca Steam accessory I've ever painted. It's missing a pair of boots, a pair of goggles, some jewelry, and the Art Class clank, but starting at the top left?

Dance Class shoes, Coffin Bean shoes, Gore-Geous shoes, Art Class welding torch, Gore-Geous chest purse, fashion pack shoes (can't believe I didn't turn them so you can see their pinstriping), Dance Class bag, Art Class welding mask surrounded by fashion pack eyepatch/monocle/earring, GoreGeous clock purse, Art Class earrings, and Signature purse.

Robecca's stuff requires a lot of precision to paint, and frequently a LOT of layers and drying time, but it's also a lot of fun to paint, because... well, look at it! It takes paint beautifully and as long as you stick to the color pallette, it's really hard to go really wrong.