Almighty Hat ([personal profile] hat_plays_dolls) wrote2016-06-06 11:51 pm

Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories (Amanita Nightshade Edition)

I'm not actually a huge fan of Amanita Nightshade, but I saw her at Marshall's on clearance for $10 and went, "... Yeah, no, I'm not going to get a better deal than that on her in the box, with all her stuff," and caved.

Her character may not thrill me and her doll may not connect with me, but golly her accessories were fun to paint.

Amanita comes with basically a full Gloom & Bloom Deluxe set-- diary, double-layer dress, hair ornament, jewelry, shoes, anklets, purse-- only instead of a plant and pot and pair of gardening tools, she comes with a portfolio and an iCoffin (iCoffin not pictured as I did not paint it). The weight of the plastic is about the same-- her anklets are WAY bigger than the other girls'.

Okay the suite shot is actually a better picture of her shoes, but you can see more of how I painted them here-- they have a bud at the doll's heel, with the shoe's heel itself and the vamp made of leaves and vines. I did base coats in deep purple and crayon-green, respectively, which hardly showed because that's what happens with dark colors on black plastic. Then I did heavy basecoats in a lighter purple and a blue-tinged green I mixed up to match Amanita's vines and flowers, and a dry-brushing in lavender and toned-down neon green.

Amanita's vines are green as a base color, but got hit with the same paint as her shoes (except the flower centers), this time in wipe, heavy dry brush, and light dry brush. Only the big flowers came pre-painted, I did the rest.

I think there might be a tiny flower in her necklace that I missed, but I kind of like it as just vines-- this was black, too, so it got painted just like the leaves on her shoes. Her earrings are in the Scaris Cleo mold in black; I detailed them with metallic purple and hit the triangle bits with gloss.

Another formerly-black accessory, painted just like the shoes. For dry-brushing I usually try to pick one direction and stick with it, but on the purse ruffles that direction was 'outward from center.'

Which you can see close up here! I didn't want to leave the clasp black, but Amanita doesn't have a metal specified, so I went with the same metallic purple I used on her earrings.

The vines on her portfolio would not dry-brush, I had to follow them with my finest liner, and the vines are repeated on the back. The flower was fun to paint, though, and the border is metallic purple.

Amanita's hair ornament appears to be a different flower-- okay, honestly, all her accessories seem to have different flowers, but I did them all in the same colors anyway. Consistency! This used to be black plastic, too. And you'd think that wouldn't make a lot of difference, but...

I actually feel like the painted flower softens her a little. (I know it's upside down. I like the vine going across her forehead. It's staying that way.)

Painting the shoes and vines to match makes them look more natural all together, like maybe they did grow that way.

The vine necklace in green fills Amanita's neckline without darkening it further, the way the black version did.

... And I probably should've done the earrings in metallic green instead of metallic purple, so they stand out against her hair more.

But now her purse coordinates properly! Also that's the back, apparently the strap was sculpted to make the back (the side with the catch) face out, so there's a little black hole in my paint job.

So that's Amanita Nightshade. I'm not a fan of the character, but her stuff is so pretty I want to strip her naked and give her goodies to Honey Swamp. (Who looks really good in that sheer overdress, for the record.)