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Picspam: Painted Monster High Accessories

In this edition, Boo York and Cleo!

Okay, so Elle's Gala Ghoulfriends stuff isn't fancy. I want to do more to her shoes than high-gloss the crystals, but I'm not sure what. And the hair ornament just got silvered satellites and gloss, but now it's obviously sattelites and crystals and not a blob of blue! Better contrast with her hair, too.

Excuse me while I preen about Luna's Gala shoes.

The base plastic is silver, but as you can sorta see from the inside, it's not gray silver-- the shimmer is irridescent, which meant neither flat black nor metallic black were going to work as a wash/wipe. So I blended a whole bunch of metallic colors and some flat black to get something that turned out tarnish-colored.

It doesn't photograph with quite the same sheen as the built-in irridescences, but I like it a lot.

I think flat black, even a straight black metallic, might've ended up too harsh.

But now I can see all those tiny moths, and that's all I really wanted.

City Schemes Nefera stuff! I did not buy the doll, I bought the outfit on eBay and the arms from Mattel's parts store. I also didn't seem to get a pic of the breastplate reduced, but it's had a light wash and wipe in rose gold, less to tone down the reflection than to make the details show up.

I painted these before I mixed up my tarnish and metallic black paints. I LIKE them this way-- the snakes on the headband both show up and coordinate with the breastplate-- but if I had them to do over again (or end up with another set), I'd definitely paint the earrings' crystals black and the headband's snakes gold.

I didn't do a lot to Nefera's shoes.

The crystal soles got hit with gloss, which shows more of a difference in person than in pictures, but I think you can get a hint of it. The bands around the soles got a hit of metallic teal, and then all the studs in rose gold. Studs are fiddly, but tiny studs are easy-- once you get in the groove you're just going 'dot, dot, dot, dot,' and it's very meditative.

These got dry-brushed in metallic teal, then beads and the scarabs picked out in pale metallic teal, then the fingers painted to a) actually match Signature Nefera's skintone and b) go all the way down to where they were supposed to.

And here's the Comet Crystal! It got a wash in metallic amethyst, a dry brush in the same purple I used to wash River's accessories, and two coats of gloss. It still doesn't photograph well, but I did my best using only the sun, super macro mode, and an ISO of 80.

On to Catty Noir! I did try to wash her breastplate like I did Nefera's, but boy howdy did that not turn out well. I washed it off-- which is one of the great things about acrylic paints! Before you seal them, they're super-easy to get rid of. ... Heck, after you seal them, they're still not hard to get rid of.

Shoes! Really nothing fancy here, a gentle dry-brushing in a lighter metallic teal over the crystal bits, then studs in my brightest silver, then gloss sealer on the crystal and I think I used satin on the studs.

Kitty accessories! Same color as the shoes, so same deal. The bigger studs are harder to paint because you have to really paint them, and keep tidy. ... I did give the cat purse white-pearl fangs and green-pearl eyes, because those details weren't popping enough for me with just dry-brushing.

Arms! I wasn't sure how I wanted to do these, but I think the bright-silver dry brush works nicely. As with Nefera, I did not buy the doll; I bought the outfit on eBay and then bought the arms from the parts store. The parts store is my friend.

Onward to Cleo! This is the snakey side of her Frights, Camera, Action hair ornament crown thingy.

And this is the scarab side. Two shades of metallic teal, and metallic emerald green on the snake.

And the shoes! I followed the same color pattern as on the headband. Yes, I have painted her purse, but I already put that away-- this is my second set of FCA accessories for Cleo, I left the first set plain and was thrilled to get another set to paint.

I also ended up with a second Scaris Cleo (because that was the only way to get her shoes. Never buy the outfit without the shoes if you want the shoes). I used the copper as an outline to tie into the copper highlights in the Scaris dress and scarf...

But I think the back turned out super awesome better, honestly.

Jewelry for Cleo! Scaris earrings (the blue ones) with gold trim and metallics on the beads, Scaris barrette done to coordinate with the FCA scarab (my other scarab barrette is plain), and New Scaremester earrings given a gentle antique-gold wash and some incredibly careful black detailing, because I had a second set (my first Scarmester Cleo had holes in her pants, sharpie on her purse, and an international diary, so I had to look for a second) and wanted to see if I could.

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