Almighty Hat ([personal profile] hat_plays_dolls) wrote2016-06-06 09:50 pm

Picspam: Assorted Painted Accessories

I cleared out my display case for to put things away properly, and I figured as long as I was doing that, I should snap some pictures.

... Yeah that turned out to be 74. I'm splitting this into three posts. First post: random stuff!

Jane's Gloom and Bloom stuff has been color corrected; this is what happens when I try to take pics during the day with a light on. They're not perfect color corrections, but they're not bad!

Her bracelet and earrings have the only skulls I didn't paint bone-colored.

Her shoes took the blue paint for wash-and-dry-brush beautifully; the cream base coat for skulls? That wanted to bead up and slide off.

Also: Bright red plastic doesn't always like to take green paint in a reasonable number of coats.

Jane's Gloom and Bloom shovel is the only one with actual dirt on it.

More Catty stuff in another post, but-- look how nice her signature/10-13-13 necklace turns out with a quick black wipe! I did have to detail around the front of the 1 by hand, but now you can see it's a 13! Also: Most of these pics were taken with my camera on Super Macro Mode, which I love. You can't zoom, but you can get so close you can see the individual metallic flakes in metallic paint, it's awesome.

A random assortment of Gigi bits: Signature lantern, bracelets, and earrings, budget shoes and bracelet. The black on the shoes also wanted to bead up but I persevered (I think the plastic was too slick), and while they're still very floodfill, I like the contrast-- it emphasizes the lines of the shoe.

The lantern was a study in wash-and-dry-brush, followed by "Oh! I bet these little flat bits are supposed to be glass so the lantern can glow! ... I'm gonna paint 'em."

And the super-fiddly jewelry. Dry-brushing brought out the scorpions, but you could do it with a wash, too. Protip: Leave the bracelets to dry on a paintbrush or something, they like to flip over onto their more decorative side.

And Wydowna Spyder's I Heart Fashion pumps, painted the same way as her SDCC/Signature pumps. (I JUST GOT SDCC Wydowna as a birthday present to myself, and I'm thrilled and tickled and if it hadn't taken so long to get these shoes painted prettily, I'd consider repainting them to distinguish them from the red ones.)

Robecca's Art Class earrings. Simple wash in a dark metallic, clock hands and numbers picked out in gold, and...

A big fat drop of gloss sealer left to dry forever over the clock face, to look like watch glass. I love doing this to dials and watches and such.

Finally, GOOD pics of Draculaura's Frights, Camera, Action Black Carpet set!

All the details are metallic paints, and I JUST realized one of the hearts on her shoes got fudged. I'll fix that later.

Belts are tricky beasts. You don't want to over-do them because they have to bend, so I only did the center string of beads and the dangles.

Her purse is very sparkly in person.

And her jewelry now has some contrast! If I ever end up with another set I may paint the beading pink.